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Undergraduate Philosophy Degrees

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy can choose to concentrate on either logic and the history of philosophy or religious studies. Coursework in the Philosophy Department includes classes on ethics, argumentation and debate, law, logic, Eastern philosophy, Biblical thought, ancient and modern philosophy, war and peace studies and comparative religions.

The program provides students with a background in philosophical ideas, supplemented with strong training in a collateral area. General program requirements permit students to create programs that will prepare them for training in law, theology, planning and social service careers, or for further specialized training leading to teaching or research. Students planning to major in Philosophy should inform the Department as early as possible so that joint planning may produce a coherent program in the major field and in collateral areas. Course sequence is suggested but not required.

Undergraduate History Degrees

The Bachelor of Arts in History offers coursework in American history, world history, and New Hampshire and New England history. Students pursing this degree are encouraged to participate in internships and independent studies in addition to regular coursework.

The Department of History and Philosophy offers minors in:

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