The Humanities Council is a group of faculty from various departments who have a personal and professional connection with the Humanities.  Each member is an expert in their field and work closely with students who share their area of interest.


Humanities Council

Chair Elaine Allard (1988) Associate Professor of Library and Information Science; BS, Plymouth State College; MLIS, University of Rhode Island.

Katherine Donahue (1992), Professor of Anthropology-Sociology; Distinguished Teaching Award, 1997; BA, Connecticut College; MA, PhD, Boston University

Karolyn Kinane (2006), Assistant Professor, Medieval and Early Modern Literature, BA, SUNY-New Paltz; PhD, University of Minnesota

Barbara D. Lopez-Mayhew (2001), Professor of Spanish. BA, Catholic University of America; MA, University of Massachusetts; PhD, Boston College

Kimberly Anderson Ritchie (2012), Contract Faculty, Printmaking. BA, Appalachian State University; MA Colorado State University in Fort Collins


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