Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to

  • Address a problem, research the topic, form a conclusion and talk/communicate effectively about this topic with confidence and professionalism.
  • Gain a repertoire of research methodologies that will provide a reliable foundation for investigation, research, and opinion.
  • Address broader multi-disciplinary topics rather than focused discipline-based topics and communicate effectively through oral and written modalities.
  • Apply critical thinking to problem solving and research with special emphasis on analysis, synthesis, and interpretation.
  • Gain a strong sense of personal perspective and sense of role within a selected focus area or topic.
  • Utilize innovative technologies as key research and communication tools.
  • Draw upon different discipline pedagogies and research methodologies to effectively identify a problem. Investigate, and form a reliable conclusion.
  • Develop a framework of broad integrative interdisciplinary perspectives.
  • Development of personal perspectives and sense of role within selected focus area.
  • Gain confidence with skills needed to work across a broad spectrum of disciplines and professions.

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