IS 3003 - Interdisciplinary Studies Practicum
Credits: 1-3
Gives students the opportunity to explore connections across fields related to a theme or topics of their choice. The possibilities are many, as students work with a faculty advisor to propose and execute a project related to their degree. The practicum may entail (but is not limited to): the planning of a conference, either at the Unviersity or in their community; the execution of an activist event such as a rally; the publication of a collection of essays; the launch of a Web site; the procude of a documentary; the writing of a business plan; the application of a grant; or, the execution of an internship. Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits. Falls and Springs. Prerequisite(s): IS 2222; Interdisciplinary Studies majors only.

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.