Expressive Arts

Disciplines:  Art Education, Psychology

My goal, as an Interdisciplinary major, will be to learn as much as I can about Psychology and visual Art Education. I will then be able to have a solid background in these two disciplines as preparation for graduate studies in art therapy. I’ve been researching art therapy programs quite a bit, but even just from the title I know I need to learn more about Psychology because my knowledge in that discipline is very limited at the moment. Visual Art Education plays a huge role in art therapy because children need that visual language to be able to communicate. I need to be able to acquire an in-depth understanding of children’s emotional and cognitive needs from a psychologist’s perspective in order to be able to help them as an art therapist.

The Psychology courses I have chosen will provide me with a well-round base of knowledge. I have selected two cognitive classes, which are Life-Span Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Psychology, along with five different Psychology perspectives that I feel will benefit me the most in my chosen field of study.

Visual Art Education courses will also provide preparation for my future career. I have already learned so much about children’s cognitive and creative development stages. Throughout my completed Art Education courses I have also learned about children’s needs for the use of art as a visual language. In my classes, Foundations of Art Education, Methods and Materials, Instructional Planning and Pedagogy and Curriculum and Assessment, we have acquired the skills necessary to create educational activities for children and how to teach them in a way that will be most beneficial for all of the different learning styles and developmental stages children go through from elementary through high school.

Psychology and visual Art Education are what I’ve wanted to study my whole life; I just couldn’t make up my mind. Now that I know about the profession of art therapy, I know this is what I’m meant to do. I love helping people, and to help someone I need to be able to understand their needs in and out. I also love creating art to release emotions and help others to do the same, which is where visual art education comes in. Therefore, I know Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in art therapy is what I’ve been looking for during the three years I’ve been at Plymouth State University.

Once I acquire my bachelor’s degree with this focus in Expressive Arts, I plan to pursue my master’s in art therapy. I feel it is important for me to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in art therapy before moving on to graduate school because I will have the knowledge and experience required by art therapy degree programs. I hope to continue to be as successful in graduate school and in life, as an art therapist, as I am here at Plymouth State University.

Option One Contract Courses

  • AE 2000 Foundations of Art Education
  • AE 3050 Methods and Materials for Art Education
  • AE 3060 Instructional Planning and Pedagogy for Art Education
  • AE 3080 Visual Literacy
  • AE 3100 Curriculum and Assessment for Art Education
  • AE 4020 Contemporary Topics in Art Education
  • AE 4020 Contemporary Topics in Art Education
  • PS 2010 Introduction to General Psychology
  • PS 2050 Life-Span Developmental Psychology
  • PS 2060 Educational Psychology
  • PS 3100 Adolescent Psychology
  • PS 3220 Cognitive Psychology
  • PS 3230 Motivation and Emotion
  • PS 3340 Personality
  • PS 4320 Abnormal Psychology
  • PS 4360 Internship in Psychology

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