Dance Management

Disciplines:  Dance, Business

By pursing the Interdisciplinary Studies major, I am preparing to own and operate my own dance studio. The disciplines of Business and Dance are relevant to this goal because I will need to manage the business as well as teach classes there. I will need to establish, finance, operate and market my studio. I will need to make good decisions, communicate well with my customers, choreograph pieces, teach a variety of dance styles, organize recitals and price the classes.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major is ideal for me because PSU does not offer a Dance major. I feel that my dance technique and teaching abilities will greatly affect how successful my business will be. With the Interdisciplinary Studies major I will be able to select certain business classes that pertain to managing my own studio, while focusing the majority of my credits on improving my dance technique and teaching abilities.

The courses I have chosen to take at PSU will assist me in attaining my goals and are all relevant to the daily operations my career will require. Introduction to Business Administration will teach me how to establish, finance and operate my studio. Principles of Marketing will provide me with skills to market my studio. Organizational Communications will teach me how to communicate effectively to my customers. Business Law will give me a basic knowledge of law, helping me deal with any legal situation that may arise on my property. Organizational Behavior will further develop my leadership, decision-making and management skills and Interpersonal Relations will pick apart those skills and fine-tune them.

The dances courses I have chosen will bring my techniques in tap, jazz, modern and ballet to an advanced level. The Contemporary Dance Ensemble course will give me experience performing and will also show me how a recital is put together. The Movement Concept and Dance Pedagogy courses will provide me with the teaching skills that I will need and the Dance Practicum will bring everything I’ve learned together and give me experience in choreographing and teaching.

The disciplines and courses match the title of my major, “dance management and instruction.” The business discipline will cover the management portion of my career and the dance discipline will cover the instruction/teaching portion. This learning experience will set me up with the skills needed to own and operate a dance studio.

Option One Contract Courses

  • BU 1150 Financial Accounting
  • BU 2240 Business Statistics
  • BU 2250 Introduction to Business Administration
  • BU 2290 Organizational Communications
  • BU 2450 Principles of Marketing
  • BU 2480 Business Law
  • BU 3420 Organizational Behavior
  • BU 4260 Interpersonal Relations
  • DN 2440 Movement Concepts for Elementary Education
  • DN 2520 Tap II
  • DN 3010 Contemporary Dance Ensemble
  • DN 3020 History of Modern Dance and Techniques
  • DN 3050 World Dance
  • DN 3100 Movement Concepts for Dance Education
  • DN 3270 Advanced Modern Dance
  • DN 3320 Dance Composition II
  • DN 3360 Advanced Ballet
  • DN 3500 Dance Pedagogy I
  • DN 4010 Dance Practicum
  • DN 4500 Dance Pedagogy II

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