Graphic Web Design

Disciplines:  Computer Science, Graphic Design

I chose to do an interdisciplinary study that combines graphic art and computer science with a focus on Web design because it will allow me to achieve both my educational and career goals.

My current part-time job in Web design has made me realize that there is much more I need to learn about the concepts of Web coding and animated-design that are today’s standard for Web and graphic design companies. I have always had artistic talent. I now realize that fine-tuning my skills in graphic design and learning specific marketing concepts that attract customers will enhance my career opportunities.

In order to take Graphic Design courses I have to take prerequisites that challenge my skills in three-dimensional work and color concepts that also provide me with better visualization qualities in my graphic design work. The graphic design classes will give me a competitive edge on the market as well as help me to define specific letter writing and page structure issues. The graphic design program also offers internship and related opportunities where I can receive real work experience in the field. Computer Science classes such as Programming in Java, Multimedia and Multimedia Design will give me in-depth knowledge of programming and human-to-computer communication tools that will lead to better designed Web pages and Web programs. The combination of the two disciplines will give me a competitive advantage in the graphic and Web design markets.

The education I will receive will give me more job options and opportunities in the fields of graphic design and Web development from major companies both in the U.S. and overseas, in both corporate and private enterprise systems.

Option One Contract Courses

  • CS 1200 Web Expressions
  • CS 2010 Computing Fundamentals
  • CS 2370 Programming in Java
  • CS 3020 Web Programming
  • CS 3440 Multimedia
  • CS 4910 Independent Study
  • CS Online Network Exploration (transfer)
  • AG 2330 An Introduction to Graphic Design Software
  • AG 2350 Graphic Design I
  • AG 3050 Digital Multimedia Design
  • AG 3300 Graphic Design II
  • AG 3360 Graphic Design III
  • AG 3480 Production for Graphic Design
  • AG 4370 Graphic Design IV
  • AG 4900 Internship

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