Disciplines:  Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

I originally came to Plymouth State University with an interest in mathematics. With the possibility of pursuing a medical career in the back of my mind, a mathematics major gave me the option of continuing my education in medical school. As my passion for helping others live longer, healthier lives continues to grow, my commitment to the study of medicine increases. While doing research on medical schools, I have found that a mathematics major will not give me the optimum undergraduate background I need for my post graduate studies. However, a combination of the mathematics, biology and chemistry disciplines will give me the preparation I need. By creating my own pre-med program, I will be able to take the classes that are essential for acceptance to medical school and have the basic knowledge I need to succeed.

The courses that are usually required by medical schools are: general chemistry (two semesters with laboratory), organic chemistry (two semesters with laboratory), biology (two semesters with laboratory), introductory physics (two semesters with laboratory), English (two semesters) and mathematics (calculus and above).

My Calculus classes and Logic, Proofs and Axiomatic Systems class will help build the logical aspects of my career and will help me to think in an organized, logical manner. As biology is perhaps the most important discipline in this field, a good foundation is important. Along with the required Biology I and Biology II classes, I will also be taking an Infection and Immunity class, a Cell Structure and Function class and a Genetics class. With the help of Dr. Reitsma, a biology professor at PSU, I chose these classes as they closely pertain to my field of interest. With the help of Dr. Swope, a chemistry profession at PSU, I decided that my focus should be on General Chemistry I and II, along with Organic Chemistry I and II and Biochemistry. These classes are just as important as the biology courses in my pre-med studies. A basic knowledge of the fundamental principles and theories of chemistry is imperative.

My schedule was designed so that I will have completed most of the medical school requirements by Spring 2007 in order to be well prepared for the MCAT, which is required by all medical schools. The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a test of knowledge on the concepts in biology, chemistry and physics, along with an assessment in problem solving, critical thinking and writing skills. It is usually taken in April of junior year and often again in August.

In order to fit in all the requirements for medical school and gain as much knowledge as needed to prosper in my medical future, the creation of a pre-med program is necessary. No established major here at PSU fits my needs as well as this designed pre-med major. With the combination of the mathematics, biology and chemistry disciplines, I feel that I will have a well rounded and challenging schedule needed for my post graduate studies.

Option One Contract Courses

  • BI 1010 General Biology I
  • BI 1020 General Biology II
  • BI 1030 General Biology Laboratory I
  • BI 1040 General Biology Laboratory II
  • BI 1350 Infection and Immunity
  • BI 3060 Genetics
  • BI 4090 Cell Structure and Function
  • CH 2130 General Chemistry I
  • CH 2140 General Chemistry II
  • CH 2230 General Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CH 2240 General Chemistry Laboratory II
  • CH 3020 Biochemistry
  • CH 3310 Organic Chemistry I
  • CH 3320 Organic Chemistry II
  • CH 3330 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CH 3350 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
  • MA 2550 Calculus I
  • MA 2560 Calculus II
  • MA 3110 Logic, Proofs and Axiomatic Systems
  • MA 3540 Multivariable Calculus

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