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Ever wonder about becoming a Supplemental Lab instructor for one of our language courses? Check out the video below to see what it’s like!

If you’re interested in learning more about this great opportunity, please contact Dr. Katharine Harrington at:


Staci Keenan

Studying Abroad in Malaga, Spain

“My host family does not speak any English! I have been doing pretty well keeping up with them though, and I can feel myself improving slowly, but surely. My host Mom is very good about speaking slowly to me and repeating herself and using hand motions when needed. We manage! We live right in the center of Malaga, which is so convenient! Lots of shops, cafes, and restaurants within 5-10 minutes walk, and the beach is about a 20 minute walk. I take the bus 25 minutes to school though, and it was my first time ever using public transportation. I am taking a Spanish Culture class (in Spanish); Spanish Art & Architecture; Christians, Jews & Muslims in Spain; and Gender Issues in North America and the Hispanic World. All seem pretty interesting so far! I barely have homework though which is quite an adjustment (not complaining though!). Surprisingly I adjusted to the weather very quickly and now 50 degrees feels cold to me. I thought I’d be hot all the time here after coming from a NH winter. Sun vs. shade makes a huge difference I have noticed; I had to buy myself a jacket last weekend! I certainly am having the time of my life though! I think today it really hit me that this isn’t a vacation, and I’m really living here. So exciting!”


Mike Farkas & Addie Weller

Who’s Who Among Students

Mike Farkas, ’14 and Addie Weller, ’15 have been nominated for the “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 2013-2014″ Award. This pretigious honor recognizes students across the nation who have made a positive impact in their campus community, both inside and outside the classroom. Students who receive this award are evaluated by faculty and administration based on their GPA, participation on campus, involvement within the community, and leadership skills.

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