MA 4600 - Internship in the Mathematical Sciences
Credits: 1-6
This course is repeatable
This is a pass/fail course
Student interns are sponsored by an organization whose activities require knowledge of mathematics (or mathematics education). Student interns should be placed in positions that require them to familiarize themselves with the uses made of mathematics by the organization. The mathematics that interns apply to the performance of their duties should be based on materials covered in the students' coursework, represent an extension of such material or require the students to learn new mathematics if necessary to their duties. The intern must arrange for a faculty sponsor. An Internship Review Committee, chaired by the faculty sponsor with 2 additional members elected by departmental vote, shall, with the students' input: review the details of the prospective internship and decide on its feasibility, decide the number of credits to be awarded and prescribe an appropriate form and forum for a final report of internship activities. All arrangements must be approved by the Department Chair. Graded Pass/No Pass. Prerequisite(s): permission of the Department Chair.

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.