September 25, 2014: Why you should stop worrying about Ebola and get a flu shot.

August 30th, 2014 by Eric Laflamme








Title:  Why you should stop worrying about Ebola and get a flu shot.

Date:  Thursday, September 25.

Time:  4PM

Location:  Hyde Hall, Room 318

Speaker:  Professor Justin Wright, PhD.  (Plymouth State University)


There has been a significant amount of concern and media coverage about the recent outbreak of Ebola in western Africa. As of this writing, the CDC has said repeatedly that there is little to no risk of an outbreak in the U.S., but how do they know? Furthermore, the director for the CDC said in a recent interview that Americans should be much more concerned with seasonal flu than they should be with Ebola. Why should we be more concerned with a common illness than an exotic disease with a very high mortality rate?


This talk will largely focus on the methods employed by mathematical epidemiologists. We will examine several basic mathematical models for the spread of infectious disease and use them to explain why seasonal flu may be much more dangerous to the average American than Ebola.

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