Contract Option

120 credits

The Contract Option allows students to design an individualized program of study. A full-time member of the Music faculty and the Department Chair must approve the program of study in the Contract option.

Degree Requirements


Courses required for the Option are shown in boldface.
ME/MU Contract courses [not MEDI/MUDI] 6
ME/MU 3000/4000 level Contract courses [not MEDI/MUDI] 6
MU 1150 Piano Class I 1
MU 1160 Piano Class II 1
MU 1210 Musicianship I 4
MU 1220 Musicianship II 4
MU 2210 Musicianship III 3
MU 2220 Musicianship IV 3
MU 3200 Technology in Music Performance (TECO) 3
MU 3250 Global Jazz (DICO) (GACO) 3
MU 3310 History and Literature of Music I 3
MU 3320 History and Literature of Music II (INCO) (WRCO) 3
MU Ensembles [not MUDI] 5
MU Performance Studies (two enrollments each at the 1000, 2000, 3000 level) [not MUDI] 6
Quantitative Reasoning in the Discipline Connection - complete one of the following: 3
MA 1500 Mathematics and the Humanities (QRCO)
MA 2200 Finite Mathematics (QRCO)
MA 2300 Statistics I (QRCO)
General Education:
EN 1200 Composition 3
IS 1111 The First Year Seminar: Critical Thinking and the Nature of Inquiry 3
MA Mathematics Foundations 3
PPDI Past and Present Directions 6
SIDI Scientific Inquiry Directions 6-8
SSDI Self and Society Directions 6
WECO Wellness Connection 3
Foreign Language (GACO) 6
Electives 30-28

The foreign language requirement for all BA degrees calls for 0-6 credits: one year of one language (6 credits); or one 3000/4000 level world language course (3 credits); or being a native speaker of a language other than English (zero credit). American Sign Language I and II fulfill this requirement; however, American Sign Language does not satisfy the Global Awareness Connection.

At least six credits of Contract courses must be upper-level and no more than four credits beyond those already required may be in Performance Studies. MU 1160 requires a minimum grade of C in MU 1150. MU 1220 requires a minimum grade of C in MU 1210. MU 2210 requires a minimum grade of C in MU 1220. MU 2220 requires a minimum grade of C in MU 2210.

*All course information is from the 2015-2016 Catalog.