Frequently Asked Questions

Download the 2014 NEBDI Brochure!


How do I register for NEBDI?

Registration can be done either online (Click Here for Online Registration) or by downloading the registration form (2014 NEBDI Registration Form).


What is the final deadline to register for NEBDI?

Conference registration checks ($75.00 payable to “NHBDA”)  should be received by July 1. Because our ability to accommodate “walk-ins” has been finally tested to the limit, we are asking that the registration form to be received by that date. If you have done so, you may still register for graduate credit on the first day of NEBDI or online, if you wish. Enrollment will be limited to 160 participants.

Registration form for Graduate Credit (instructions for online registration.)


Do I have to enroll for graduate credit?

No. You may attend by simply paying the conference registration fee ($75.00 payable to “NHBDA”). However, if you are in a position to attend the institute for credit, you are urged to do so, since tuition is the principal means by which we are able to make this institute available to band directors throughout the northeast.


I have enrolled for credit before. Am I able to do so again?

Absolutely. The course content differs significantly each summer. This will be reflected in the course title of the 2-credit option.


What is the difference between ME 5120.01 “New England Band Directors Institute” and ME 5560.01“Instrumental Music Education in the Classroom Today”?

The difference between ME 5120.01 “NEBDI” (1 credit) and ME 5560.01 “Instrumental Music Education in the Classroom Today” (2 credits) is that those who want to receive 2 credits for their participation in NEBDI may do so by writing a brief follow-up paper based on one or more of the topics covered during the institute. The paper is designed to be of direct benefit for your teaching next fall!


Is it also possible to enroll for 3 credits?

Yes. You may do so by enrolling concurrently in both courses. In addition, your final paper will be longer than is required for 2 credits.


I am looking for recertification hours, not degree credits. Do I fill out the College of Graduate Studies Course Registration Form?

No. You will only need to fill out that form if you are applying for graduate credit.


If I attend the institute for graduate credit, does this mean I have to apply for admission to the Masters in Education degree?

No. Graduate credit may granted independently of study toward the masters degree. PSU does offer an M.Ed. in Instrumental Music Education. If you are interested in pursuing this degree, you may contact the Office of Graduate Studies for details.  The  M.Ed. in Instrumental Music Education does require 9 NEBDI-related credits.


Should I bring my instrument?

Please do, although it is not required. Sessions involving the Directors Band will be noted on the schedule. In addition, you may need instruments for any of the “hands on” sessions you plan to attend. Space and the number of music folders are sometimes limited. Your cooperation in sharing playing time is always appreciate!


If I enroll directly through the College of Graduate Studies, do I still need to let you know that I plan to attend?

Yes. That way I can be sure that receive any updated information or answer your questions directly. Just contact me at  or call me at 603-535-2495.


What about housing?

A list of hotels and places to eat  in the region are available by clicking here. Everyone has different preferences on this, so you will need to contact one of those sources on your own. If you stay in on-campus housing, remember to bring your own towels and bed linens, since these will not be provided in the dorm. Download this form or click on the links for information about on campus housing: On Campus Housing Information Sheet

What should I wear?

Dress for all NEBDI events, including the Friday banquet, is summer casual including shorts, etc.


Some clinicians seem to be promoting a product. What’s that all about?

Part of our job as band directors is to stay current with new methods and materials that are available to us. Some companies are willing to support NEBDI by making clinicians available to us at little or no cost. Please don’t be offended if someone tries to interest you in a particular educational product during their presentation. If nothing else, you’ll have an opportunity to examine why you prefer one approach over another. You’re under no other obligation. These kinds of sessions are held to a minimum and are offered as a way of offering a more varied program at a price you can afford.

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