Department Overview

Engage in the fascinating study of the mind, brain and human behavior. Explore why people act and think the way they do. Through research projects, internships and examination of the work of renowned psychologists throughout the world, you will gain a better understanding of the human mind and how it works. As a psychology major you’ll experience:

  • A Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of  Science degrees, with options in developmental psychology, mental health, and psychology and law
  • Coursework in child development, cognitive psychology, personality, psychology of aging, abnormal psychology, community mental health and other topics
  • A diverse and committed faculty with expertise in research and clinical work
  • An Honors Program that allows undergraduates to partner with faculty sponsors to complete original research projects
  • Opportunities to engage in community internships and research activities
  • Preparation for graduate school or a career in health, child development, law and other fields

For psychology students who are interested in earning research credit by participating in psychological studies, please log in to our online sign-up system here: Your username will be the same as your myPlymouth user ID (NOTE: Students have 2 user IDs — one with only your initials and digits and another with your first initial and last name. If you tried your user ID and you couldn’t log in, please try the other user ID), and your initial password will be “research”. Please also see the video tutorial below.


Sean Madden

Congratulations to Sean Madden for his recent publication in The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley, entitled “Depersonalization/ Derealization Disorder: A Neglected Disease in Psychiatry” (the full article is available here:!

When Sean was a student at PSU, he thought about topics in psychology that interested him and explored those topics for course credit. He completed three independent studies at the university, two of which looked at psychological disorders (i.e., depersonalization/ disorder and borderline personality disorder) and one of which looked at the effects of meditation on physical and psychological illness. His independent study project on depersonalization/ derealization disorder led to a publication in the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley, and his two other manuscripts are being prepared for publication. Sean made the most of his time at Plymouth and took advantage of opportunities that are available to every psychology major in the Department of Psychology. Sean graduated from Plymouth State University with the Class of 2014 and is now at Teachers College, Columbia University, where he is working on his master’s degree in neuroscience. After Teachers College, Sean plans to earn a PhD and have a career in college teaching, research, and writing.

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