Department Overview

The Social Science Department at Plymouth State gives you the opportunity to explore and answer significant questions about the nature of humanity, society, politics, history, the environment and other subjects.  Through a combination of classroom experiences, field work, travel, research and technology, social science students  discover the world, from Africa to India, Europe to New England.

Social Science Department Outcomes:

Graduating Students in majors within the Social Sciences will be able to:

  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity through an appreciation for various forms of diversity at a global, national and regional level.
  • Conduct research ethically, as evidenced through effective research design and implementation.
  • Write clearly and concisely in the conventions of the respective core discipline(s) of their major (AN/SO, GE, PO, SS).
  • Exhibit effective oral communication through personal interaction as well a classroom presentations, individually or as part of a group, to a larger audience.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills through writing and verbal assessments
  • Identify the skills and perspective relating to the practical application of their discipline to professional settings.
  • Understand the human dimensions of sustainability issues using knowledge from their disciplines to assess the long term cultural and environmental impacts that shape our world and apply sustainability concepts on local and global scales

This diverse department offers:

  • Majors in anthropology, environmental planning and geography, political science, public management, social science, sociology and tourism management and policy.
  • Minors in anthropology/sociology, Pacific Rim studies, political science, Geographic Information Systems and global tourism
  • Certificates in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Hospitality Management
  • Specialized coursework in areas including global and regional politics; issues of race and gender, travel and tourism, popular culture and public policy; techniques of computer map analysis
  • Opportunities for field studies, travel, internship and service experiences
  • A committed faculty with a variety of research and teaching interests
Explore and answer significant questions with programs in
Anthropology Environmental Planning Geography Political Science Public Management ◊ Social Science   Sociology 
Tourism Management and Policy