Political Science: Plans for the 2007-2008 Academic Year

September 1st, 2008 by Nikki-Ann

The political science faculty have some innovative plans to set in motion this academic year.  Here are three highlights:

  • First, we will inaugurate a new chapter of the national honor society for political science, Pi Sigma Alpha (PSU will be the Alpha Epsilon Delta chapter), and will hold our first meeting on the 19th of September.  Students can anticipate that new officers will gather their interests and support our contributions to the discipline.
  • Second, some of our students are offering the PSU community the product of their hard work in the required political analysis course, PO 3660.  This product is an analysis manual, and contains chapters that the students themselves wrote.  The chapters include not only an overview and example of the various analytic tools covered in the course, but as a bonus to you, also feature prospective job sites where those skills are needed.  They are your link to the work world in political science.
  • Third, we the faculty will host bi-weekly coffee hours for political science majors—a casual point in the week where we can all take a break, talk at leisure, and compare notes on the state of politics, your major, our university, and making change in the world.

We really do care about how you’re doing in your courses, and about how we can make your time at PSU as valuable to you as possible.  If you have other suggestions on what you’d like to see happening in our program, join Pi Sigma Alpha, dream up ways to contribute such as the political analysis manual, and by all means, come take a break with your professors.

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November 14th, 2013 by Eric

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