GEDI 1400 - Globalization and Diversity
Credits: 3
Provides students an opportunity to investigate the changing world around them as it is molded by the conflicting trends of globalization and local diversity, identifying how these issues impact their own lives. Is the world today becoming "smaller" as regional boundaries become less important and communication across the world becomes easier? Or are the differences between cultures becoming more distinct separating people as members of historically isolated regions grasp to maintain cultural identity in the face of threatening uniformity? Applies the viewpoint of historical geography, utilizing related concepts of pattern and process to better identify historical trends which have molded each major world region. Emphasis is put on ways of thinking geographically and the analysis of regional patterns as a context for the characterization of the current major world regions and challenging their definition by considering the historical influences which have created them. Falls. (PPDI)

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.