Anthropology/Sociology, Bachelor of Arts

120 credits

Anthropology and Sociology are two of the social sciences that offer a most comprehensive study of human behavior. The underlying concept in both disciplines is that of sociocultural relativism, which is the understanding that human diversity and human problems must be examined in context. From this perspective, understanding ourselves and others becomes an attainable goal through the fascinating and intensive study of cultural and human evolution, contemporary America society, and world cultures. Through such study, students gain an awareness of important issues such as:
global ecology, third world cultures, and development
issues in ethnic identity, gender and race in the United States and abroad
American institutions and social issues such as social class and stratification.

A BA in Anthropology/Sociology assists students in developing a global perspective and as a result, prepares them not only for graduate studies, if that is an option, but also for careers in applied social sciences, consulting, business, government services (domestic or overseas), and community and third world development. Students are encouraged to explore fieldwork/internship opportunities as part of this preparation.

*All course information is from the 2015-2016 Catalog.