Sociology Option

120 credits

Degree Requirements


Courses required for the Option are shown in boldface.
SO 2220 Foundations of Sociology (DICO) 3
SO 3450 Social Stratification 3
SO 4410 Methods of Social Research 3
SO 4600 Seminar: Theory and Practice (WRCO) 4
Group A - complete four of the following: 12
SO 2400 White Collar Crime
SO 3030 Social Psychology
SO 3070 The Sociology of the Family
SO 3080 Juvenile Delinquency
SO 3090 Criminology
SO 3100 Urban Sociology
SO 3160 Women in World Development
SO 3180 Sociology of Deviance (DICO)
SO 3210 Topics in Sociology
SO 3350 Sociology of Popular Culture
SO 3370 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SO 3380 Drugs and Society (INCO)
SO 3390 Environment and Society (INCO)
AN 2210 Cultural Anthropology (GACO) 3
Group B - complete one of the following: 3
AN 2250 Introduction to Archaeology
SO 2380 Social Problems
Anthropology Component - complete two of the following: 6
AN 3030 Ancient Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs
AN 3040 Mexican Prehistory
AN 3050 Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
AN 3110 Cultural Ecology
AN 3190 Anthropology of the Pacific
AN 3200 Anthropology of Religion, Ritual, and Myth
AN 3210 Topics in Anthropology
AN 3220 Anthropology of Europe
AN 3260 Historical Archaeology
AN 3300 North American Prehistory
AN 3400 Anthropology of Sub-Saharan Africa
AN 3410 Natives of North America
AN 3520 Economic Anthropology
AN 3600 Bones, Bodies, and Disease
AN 3900 Applied Anthropology
SS 3620 Archaeological Field Methods: Prehistory
SS 3630 Archaeological Field Methods: Historical
GE/PO Related Social Science Area - Geography and/or Political Science elective [not GEDI/PODI] 3
Quantitative Reasoning in the Discipline Connection - complete one of the following: 3
MA 2300 Statistics I (QRCO)
SS 3700 Social Statistics (QRCO)
Technology in the Discipline Connection - complete one of the following: 3
CS 1170 Computing Technology in Criminal Justice (TECO)
GE 2090 Computer Mapping (TECO)
General Education:
EN 1200 Composition 3
IS 1111 The First Year Seminar: Critical Thinking and the Nature of Inquiry 3
MA Mathematics Foundations 3
CTDI Creative Thought Directions 6
PPDI Past and Present Directions 6
SIDI Scientific Inquiry Directions 6-8
SSDI Self and Society Directions 6
INCO Integration Connection 3
WECO Wellness Connection 3
Foreign Language (GACO) 8
Electives 27-25

The foreign language requirement for all BA degrees calls for 0-8 credits: one year of one language (6-8 credits); or one 3000/4000 level world language course (3 credits); or being a native speaker of a language other than English (zero credit). American Sign Language I and II fulfill this requirement; however, American Sign Language does not satisfy the Global Awareness Connection.

A minimum 2.20 grade point average in all AN and SO courses is required.

*All course information is from the 2014-2015 Catalog.