Stephen H. Gorin

Professor Emeritus of Social Work

BA, Boston University; MSW, SUNY-Stony Brook; PhD, Brandeis University

Office: Mary Taylor House, Room 104

Office Phone: 603-535-2635

About Professor Gorin


Stephen Gorin, Ph.D., MSW, Professor has been a member of the baccalaureate social work at PSU faculty for more than twenty years. He has been an active leader in the social work profession nationally and locally. In 1993 he served on President Clinton’s Health Care Task Force and later as a member of the Advisory Council for the Center for Mental Health Services in the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. He served as a delegate to the 1995 (appointed by the White House) and 2005 White House Conferences on Aging and to the White House Conference on Social Security. He has served as Editor-in-Chief of Health & Social Work published by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) since 2007 and is a member of the Editorial Board for Oxford Bibliographies: Social Work. He was appointed by the Governor to serve both as Chair and as a member of the NH State Committee on Aging. He has also served as the (part-time) Executive Director of the NH Chapter of NASW since 1990. He is the co-author of Health Care Policy and Practice: A Biopsychosocial Approach 4/E (2013) and dozens of scholarly articles on health care policy, health care reform, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable care Act, and Social Security including recent entries for the Encyclopedia of Social Work published by NASW and the Social Work Desk Reference published by Oxford.

January/February 2013 Social Work Today publication:

Selected Publications

“The Ryan Plan Redux.” Health & Social Work, forthcoming.

“The Truth about Social Security and Medicare.” Health & Social Work, forthcoming.

“Why We Should Keep the Social Security Retirement Age.” Health & Social Work, forthcoming.

“Social Security in the United States (OASDHI).” In Oxford Bibliographies in Social Work.  Ed. Edward J. Mullen.  New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

“Health Care Reform.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Social Work. Ed. Edward J. Mullen, New York: Oxford University Press.

“Social Workers Advocating for Social Security.”  In Social Work Matters: The Power of Linking Policy and Practice, edited by E.F. Hoffler and E.J. Clark. Washington DC: National Association of Social Workers.

“Repealing and Replacing the Affordable Care Act.” Health & Social Work. February 2011.

Health and Mental Health Care Policy: A Biopsychosocial Perspective 3/E. (2010). Allyn & Bacon. Cynthia Moniz and Stephen Gorin.

“Does Health Insurance Matter: Health Beyond Universal Coverage” Health & Social Work, 35, (2), May 2010.

“Health Care Reform and Older Adults,” Health and Social Work, 35, (1), February 2010.

“Long Time Coming: Are We on the Brink of Universal Health Care Coverage?”, Health & Social Work, 34, (1), February 2009.

“Health Care Reform: The Importance of a Public Option.” Health & Social Work, 34(2), May 2009.

“Health Care Reform: Postelection Possibilities. Health & Social Work“, 33(4), November 2008. Samuel Flint, co-author.

Themes of the Times for Health Care and Mental Health, A Collection of Articles from the New York Times (2007). Edited with Samuel Flint.

Themes of the Times for Aging, A Collection of Articles from the New York Times (2007). (Edited with Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich).

“President Bush’s Health Care Reform Proposal: A Social Work Perspective”. Health & Social Work, May 2007.

“Why Does President Bush Oppose the Expansion of SCHIP”? Health & Social Work, November 2007. (Cynthia Moniz, co-author).

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“The Trouble with Health Savings Accounts: A Social Work Perspective”. Health & Social Work, November 2006.

“The 2005 White House Conference on Aging: A Social Work Perspective”. Health & Social Work, May 2006. (Elizabeth Clark, co-author).

“Social Work Leadership and Aging: Meeting the Demographic Imperative”. Health & Social Work, November 2005. (Sarah Sisco, Patricia Voland, co-authors).

“Why Kerry Lost and Where We Go from Here.” Health & Social Work. May 2005.

“Let’s Not Gamble with Social Security,” Health & Social Work, February 2005. (James Schulz, co-author).

“Will the US ever have universal health care?” Health & Social Work. November 2004 (Cynthia Moniz, co-author)

“The Compression of Morbidity: Implications for Social Work” Health & Social Work. August 2004 (Beth Lewis, co-author).

“Managed Care and Mental Health”, in Mental Illness and the Social Environment, S. Kirk, editor. NY: Columbia University Press, 2004 (Kevin Corcoran and Cynthia Moniz , co-authors).

“Current Trends and the Future of HIV/AIDS Services: A Social Work Perspective” Health & Social Work. May 2004; (Laura Kaplan and Evelyn Tomaszewski, co-authors).

“Medicare and Premium Support: A Social Work Perspective”. Health & Social Work. November 2003.

“The Unraveling of Managed Care: Recent Trends and Implications”. Health & Social Work, August 2003.

“Crisis in Caregiving: A Call to Action,” Health & Social Work. November 2002 (Francine Conway-Giustra and Ann Crowley, co-authors).

“The Crisis in Public Health Revisited: Implications for Social Work”, Health & Social Work, February 2002.

“The Crisis of Public Health: Implications for Social Work,” Health & Social Work, February 2001.

“Medicare and Prescription Drugs: Prospects for Reform,” Health & Social Work, May 2001.

“A Society for All Ages: Saving Social Security and Medicare,” in Aging and Social Work: The Changing Landscape, Washington, D.C.: National Association of Social Workers, 2001.

“Universal Health Care Coverage in the United States: Barriers, Prospects, and Implications,” reprinted from Health & Social Work, in Annual Editions: Social Welfare and Social Work, 99/00, 00/01.

“Will the ‘End of Work’ Mean the End of Social Work,” Social Work 2000 (Michael Reisch, co-author).

“Inequality and Health: Implications for Social Work,” Health & Social Work, November 2000.

“Generational Equity and Privatization: Myth and Reality,” Health & Social Work, August 2000.

“Progressives and the 2000 Elections,” Health & Social Work, May 2000.

“A Society for All Ages: Saving Social Security and Medicare, “Health & Social Work, February 2000.

Book Review. The Social Health of the Nation: How America is Really Doing, Miringoff and Miringoff. Influencing State Policy, Fall 2000.

Selected Presentations

Panelist, Congressional Briefing on “The Implications of Healthcare Reform for the Social Work Profession,” sponsored by Rep. Edlophus Towns (D-NY), held at Rayburn House Office Building, 2011.

“Health Care Reform and Beyond: Limits and Possibilities of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).’’ Lunchtime Webinar Series.  National Association of Social Workers, 1/31/11.

Baccalaureate Program Directors Association, Annual Conference, March 2009, Phoenix,

Authors’ Round Table Discussion: Health and Health Care Policy: A Social Work Perspective (textbook).

Council on Social Work Education, Annual Program Meeting, November, 2008, Philadelphia, Council on Leadership Development (CLD), Series Session.

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, Field Directors Meeting,

June, 2007, Washington, DC (Invited). Presentation on Grassroots Organizing.

Funded Projects

Geriatric Enrichment in Social Work Education, Hartford Foundation and Council on Social Work Education, (2002-2005), project coordinator.

Awards and other Recognition

Chair, NH State Committee on Aging, appointed by Governor, 2012.

Member, four person editorial board, Oxford Bibliographies, 2012-present

Editor-in-chief, Health & Social Work, publication of National Association of Social Workers, 2007-present

Selected for membership in National Academy of Social Insurance, 2010.

Invited Participant, Social Work Congress, Washington, DC, 4/22-23, 2010

(400 participants from 48 social work organizations)

Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), Council on Leadership Development, 2010-present

Invited Participant, Social Work Congress: A Coming Together of the Profession, Washington, DC, 3/17-18, 2005

(400 participants from 48 social work organizations)

Courses Taught

SW 3010 Perspectives on Aging

SW 3330 Health & Society

SW 3530 Theory and Practice Social Work Intervention III Social Work


Executive Director (part-time), NH Chapter, National Association of Social Workers, 1990-present






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