Individual Portfolio Submissions

What to Submit

Portfolios are used as another form of learning, and for sharing information with faculty about your growth and development as a student. You are usually asked to demonstrate what you have learned through quantitative processes, for example, by taking tests and examinations. Term papers and projects are additional evaluative tools often used that have both quantitative and qualitative aspects, but the instructor evaluates your work.

Portfolios are student-centered. They allow students to see what they are learning and what they feel they are missing. They give students a greater role in their own learning. We will ask you to participate in this process throughout your education in the major. For each submission, you will be given information about the curriculum goals and objectives that will serve as the basis of your submission. You will be asked to choose examples of your work that you feel have helped you most in learning.

When to Submit

You will be asked to submit a brief statement for each course, but in some cases, as shown below, the same Self-Evaluation Sheet will be used for more than one course. Your instructors will collect the completed sheets/statements. They will be kept in a central file in the Social Work Department until you are enrolled in SW 4550 Social Work Seminar and SW 4430–SW 4470 Social Work Practicum. At that time they will be returned to you to help you complete the final self-evaluation, which will be collected by the seminar instructor.

  1. Introduction to Profession
    SW 2200 Introduction to Social Work
  2. Social Welfare Policies and Services
    SW 2050 Introduction to Social Welfare Policy
    SW 3450 Social Welfare Policies and Services
  3. Human Behavior and the Social Environment
    SW 3340 Human Behavior and Social Environment I
    SW 3350 Human Behavior and Social Environment II
    SW 3460 Human Diversity and Social Environment
  4. Social Work Practice
    SW 3510 Theory and Practice of Social Work Intervention I
    SW 3520 Theory and Practice of Social Work Intervention II
    SW 3530 Theory and Practice of Social Work Intervention III
  5. Research
    SW 4000 Social Work Research (portfolios returned to assist with final self-evaluation)
  6. Field Practicum
    SW 4430 Social Work Practicum
    SW 4550 Social Work Seminar

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