Dr. Liz Ahl

When we speak of putting learners at the centers of our classrooms and enabling them to be active participants (rather than passive recipients) in their education, we owe a debt to Women’s Studies.
– Dr. Liz Ahl, from her 2005 Kalikow Award acceptance speech.


HI 3828 - Women and Global Colonialism
Credits: 3
World Group. Examines the complex dynamic of gender as it related to women from non-western societies during periods of colonialism and post-independence nation-state formation. Examines concepts such as "third world women" and discusses how such terms must be understood in the context of world history and imperialism. Studies how gender is constructed in various historic contexts through a variety of written and visual materials, including women's personal accounts, travel narratives, historical essays and films. Emphasizes the economic and political contexts of particular women's movements, as well as the ways in which gendered identities are formed both at the local and global levels. While recognizing that the history of women in many parts of the world has been shaped by oppressive politics, patriarchies and economic disadvantage, moves beyond definitions of third world women as "victims;" looks at issues of women's agency, resistance, cooperation, unionization and activism. Fall of even years. (GACO)

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.