Meet the Team

Sodexo Dining Services Management Team

Chris MongeonChris Mongeon
General Manager
(603) 535-2719

Sandy MarrotteSandy Marrotte
Director of Operations
(603) 535-2444

Ann-Marie KeeneyAnn-Marie Keeney
(603) 535-3047

Robin CampbellRobin Campbell
Executive Chef
(603) 254-2819

Keith BotelhoKeith Botelho
Catering Director
(603) 535-2379
(603) 254-5917

Lynn DavisLynn Davis
Catering Manager
(603) 254-2996

Mark GilmanMark Gilman
Vending Supervisor
(603) 254-5918

Diahnn ThompkinsDiahnn Thompkins
Nutrition Manager
(603) 535-3186

Robert FullertonRobert Fullerton
Prospect Hall Dining Room Manager
(603) 726-3642

Ginny JordanGinny Jordan
AM Union Grille Lead
(603) 535-2946
(603) 254-6674

Steve NicholsSteve Nichols
PM Union Grille Lead
(603) 535-2946
(603) 996-1880

Meet the Team

Jack Toomey

Jack lives in Dorchester with his dear mother and has worked at Prospect for the last 10 years. He also works at Meredith Ford doing maintenance. In his spare time he follows Boston sports, enjoys photographing nature scenes, and has a pond full of goldfish that he takes care of.