Meal Plans

Meal Plan Options for 2014-2015

Choose a plan that works best for your needs and eating habits! All dining swipes and FlexCash are for the individual owner and are not transferable.

Dining Swipes Per Week * Plan Cost Description
Unlimited dining swipes Platinum Unlimited + 300 $1,989 Unlimited dining swipes during the semester and $300 FlexCash
15 dining swipes Gold 225 + 300 $1,789 Any 225 dining swipes during the semester and choose $300 or No FlexCash option
Gold 225 $1,529
13 dining swipes Basic 200 $1,389 Any 200 dining swipes during the semester
10 dining swipes Silver 150 + 300 $1,619 Any 150 dining swipes during the semester and choose $300 or No FlexCash option
Silver 150 $1,359
6+ dining swipes Restricted 100 + 200 ** $1,119 Any 100 dining swipes during the semester and $200 FlexCash
3+ dining swipes Restricted 50 ** $559 Any 50 dining swipes during the semester

* Approximate Dining Swipes Per Week (based on 15 week semester)

** These plans are only available to students residing off-campus, in Langdon Woods, in the apartments, Eco House, or those who have reached junior or senior status for the 2014-2015 academic year. If you select one of these plans and are NOT eligible, you will be re-assigned to another plan.

Dining Swipes and (Board) FlexCash associated with meal plans are valid for the semester for which they are purchased and expire at the close of the corresponding undergraduate semester.

Meal Plan Questions

Questions about meal plans? Call us at (603) 535-2260 or send an email to Please email the questions from your PSU e-mail account and include your student ID number.

Meal Plan Change Request

All meal plan changes must be requested by the student in writing (online, fax, or regular mail). Online requests will be accepted only until August 29, 2014 at 4:30pm. In-person requests may be made until September 8, 2014 at 4:30 pm.

  • This change may be requested directly by the student only, by using the form linked below with his or her PSU login.
  • Click here for the The Meal Plan Change Request online form.
  • The fax is (603) 535-2726.
  • When requesting a meal plan change by mail the student must include their student ID number and signature.
    The mailing address is:

Meal Plan Requests
Department of Residential Life
Mary Lyon Lower Level, MSC 42
Plymouth State University
Plymouth, NH 03264

Please refer to Residential Life’s Frequently Asked Questions web page for more information about meal plan changes.