Diversity Window

What is the Diversity Window?

The Diversity Window is a display space¬† in the PSU bookstore–located in the Hartman Union Building (HUB).¬† Since 1996, the Diversity Window has been dedicated to promoting awareness of diversity-related issues and events and has significant impact on visitors to the HUB. Its highly visible location offers an ideal way to promote concepts, provoke thought, and give a “voice” to diversity at PSU.

Displays may coincide with:

  • Topics or cultures being discussed in the classroom
  • Nationally-sponsored themes
  • Issues involving ethnic or religious diversity
  • Major campus programs.

The intent of the display is not to promote an individual organization or their specific mission, but to offer the campus community an opportunity to educate others on diversity-related issues.

I Have an Idea for the Diversity Window

To apply to use the Diversity Window, please complete the Diversity Window Application.