Students Testimonials

“I very much enjoyed doing this online course. I liked it because with doing the assignments you could see other student’s responses and most importantly their opinions. During a class you don’t always get to see this. Some people are too shy to participate during a class discussion…”
Amanda Spadafore

“ I never thought I would interact so much with an online class. I found it exciting to see how other people responded to the postings as well as responses to my own.“
Kelly Trailer

“ I was concerned at the beginning of this class that because it was online that I would not get the full benefit of it. At the end of the class I feel like I understand a lot more about IT and its real world business applications.”
Forrest LeTarte

” I enjoyed having access to all the postings so I could compare my understanding to others. Sometimes I picked up critical information through my peers that did not gel with the book reading.”
Forrest LeTarte

“ The flexibility of being able to complete my work on my own schedule was a tremendous benefit.”
C. Craig Smith

” I like the freedom of being able to do the work when I want, instead of at a certain time each day.”
Ryan Patnaude

“ It was very convenient to work on assignments at almost any given time throughout the day, along with having many more learning tools through the computer! It was a new and innovative way to further my education at Plymouth State.”
Crystal Rousseau

” It gave me a chance to do the class work around my busy work schedule and even gave me time to myself. Out of all the classes I’ve taken throughout college, I’ve learned the most from the online course. It pushed me to read and learn the material on my own. What you put into the class, you get out, which is what college is (or should be) all about.”
Jim Wilson