Can I take classes without applying for admission?

Absolutely. PSU grants enrollment in courses to all students who hold a high school diploma or equivalent, have demonstrated successful academic performance and meet the course pre-requisites. The University reserves the right to withdraw a student who, upon request, fails to provide proper documentation of these requirements or who demonstrates unacceptable performance once enrolled.  Follow the instructions for registering for classes on the Continuing Education Website.

How many credits can I take?

You may take up to 11 credits during any one semester as a continuing education student. If you wish to enroll in more than 12 credits in a given semester, you’ll need to apply for and be admitted (matriculate) to the University. If you wish to apply for financial aid, you will also need to matriculate (apply for and be admitted).  Apply here

Can I complete my degree without taking midweek day classes?

Yes, if you enroll in one of the majors offered through the Division of Online and Continuing Studies (DOCS)Click here to see the courses offered in the evenings, on weekends and online.

What if I want a major that is only offered during the day program?

If you choose a major that is not offered through the Division of Online and Continuing Studies, you may complete a portion of your degree through the DOCS. You will have to complete the balance of  your degree during the day program.

How long will it take me to complete my degree?

That depends on how may classes you complete each year. Because we offer weekend, online and hybrid courses, in addition to traditional evening offerings, it is conceivable for you to complete 30–33 credits in a calendar year if you attend classes year-round. This may allow you to graduate in the “traditional” four years.

Can Frost School students apply for financial aid?

Yes. If you apply for admission to the Division of Online and Continuing Studies and are formally accepted as a degree-seeking (matriculated) student, the answer is yes, you may be eligible for financial aid. To determine your eligibility you’ll need to file the federal forms (FAFSA) and apply for financial aid.

Are the Frost School programs the same as the traditional day programs offered at PSU?

Yes. The majors offered through the DOCS are exactly the same as those offered in the day program. You can rest assured that your program will be held to the same standards as all PSU programs. Students admitted to the DOCS must meet the same requirements for admission as all students.

Can I complete my degree entirely online?

Currently we do not offer an undergraduate degree entirely online; however, most general education courses are offered online.  The two degree programs that are increasingly accessible online are Communication Studies and Business Administration.

Is there someone I can contact in the evenings?

The DOCS office is open Monday – Friday until 4:30 p.m.  Evening appointments are available by appointment only.

Can I live on campus as a Frost Student?

No.  The Division of Online and Continuing Studies offers programs designed for people who live within driving distance of Plymouth or wish to take classes online.  As such, housing is not an option for DOCS Students.