Payment Info

Payment is expected at time of registration.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

Financial Aid:  You must be in a degree program (matriculated) and taking at least three credits to be eligible for financial aid.  For more information, please visit the Financial Aid Team’s Website by clicking here.

Third-party payments: if your course will be paid for by your employer or by a state or federal agency, you must present written authorization from your employer or agency at the time of registration.  If your company or agency has a policy to reimburse you for your course, you are responsible for paying your tuition bill up front and seeking reimbursement later.

Note:  If you would like to use an existing credit on your account or financial aid from another term to pay for your summer charges, you must obtain authorization from the Office of Student Account Services to do so at the time of registration. Failure to obtain this authorization may result in your course being dropped for non-payment.

Senior Citizen Free Tuition Policy: New Hampshire residents who are 65 years of age and older are eligible for one tuition scholarship per semester for most credit courses, including graduate courses.  Below are the policy guidelines:

  • One scholarship per term
  • Applies to one course (up to three credits)
  • Not applicable to students admitted to a degree program
  • Covers only tuition (not fees)