Apply for Admission to PSU through the DOCS

You may take classes as a continuing education student prior to being formally admitted, but there are distinct advantages to applying for admission to PSU.

The primary advantage to applying for admission is that once you are a fully admitted, degree-seeking student, you may be eligible for financial aid. Plus admitted DOCS students receive priority for registering for many online, evening, day and weekend courses. So why wait?!

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Apply to PSU degree program through the Division of Online and Continuing Studies

Readmission Application
If you previously enrolled as a degree student but interrupted your studies, we’d like to welcome you back with our easy readmission process.  Simply call our office at (603) 535-2822 and we will process your readmission application over the phone!

Apply to the TESOL, GIS, or Early Intervention Certificate program through the Division of Online and Continuing Studies

Apply as a traditional (day) student

If you would like more information on how to apply as a traditional undergraduate student, please visit the Admission Office Website to learn more.

Completed applications for the Division of Online and Continuing Studies including all supporting documentation must be received:

  • July 20 for fall term
  • December 20 for spring term
  • April 20 for summer session

Further your education with a graduate degree from PSU!

Plymouth State University’s College of Graduate Studies offers over 75 graduate degree and certificate programs in the arts, sciences, business, and education that can be tailored to meet your personal and professional goals.