Advantages of Online Learning

What are the advantages of online learning? Here are just a few:

Flexibility and convenience
Online learning allows you to complete your coursework from your home, your office or anywhere—at times that are convenient to you. With 24-hour access to course materials, you can spend more time on areas that prove difficult and quickly move through material that comes easily to you.

Increased interaction with classmates
Online learning can actually encourage more collaboration among class members by offering online spaces to work together that would be more difficult to arrange if students had to be at the same place at the same time.

Increased access to instructor
Many students are uncomfortable asking questions in a classroom setting for fear of sounding uninformed. The Internet eliminates much of that fear and lets you ask questions directly of your instructor. Online learning provides an extra layer of access to your instructor. You can submit e-mail inquiries to your instructors at any time regardless of when their office hours are and they will respond at their earliest convenience.

Level playing field
The Web-based environment gives students an increased sense of equality. Each individual has the same opportunity to contribute to discussions without the distractions and anxiety that sometimes accompany face-to-face interactions. Shy students, for example, may feel more comfortable expressing themselves in writing rather than speaking. Also, many students say the quality and quantity of their learning is better when they have time to process information and craft a written response than when they are expected to contribute “on the spot.”

Electronic competency
Learning how to negotiate the information available via the Internet is a valuable skill in both your personal and professional life. The competencies you will master in dealing with the online learning environment will serve you well in the workplace.