Professional Sales Certificate

A course of study in professional sales will provide the person earning this sales certificate with meaningful job opportunities in a professional sales career.

  1. The US Department of Education /Labor Career Voyages web site lists sales will have the largest number of job openings in construction, retail, automotive, biotechnology, and geospatial technology to name a few.
  2. Sales careers are a leading source of jobs for college graduates.
  3. A recent survey of over 500 participants from 15 U.S.C.A. schools (Plymouth State is a member who also participated) had these findings:
    • Students in sales programs averaged 2.8 job offers
    • 68% of these students completed a sales internship
  1. Average first year on-target-earnings of our PSU sales students are in the $50to 55k range. Successful students will earn $100k in their 4 to 5th year in professional sales.
  2. Companies activity seek students from sales programs because:
    • Their turnover is 30% lower.  It can cost 3 to 5x thee base salary of a sales rep to replace a rep that left their job.
    • Sales students have a faster ramp-up time, and also generate higher revenues than their peer group.
    • Because price and product are easily replicable, a highly trained consultative sales professional is a differential advantage.  They can have more impact in the buying experience than brand and price. (Harvard Business Review)

An application and a $25 application fee is required. A minimum of high school graduation or satisfactory completion of a high school equivalency certificate (GED) is required for admission.

Certificates of Completion are issued by the Division of Online and Continuing Studies.  Transcripts with completion statements are issued by the Registrar’s Office.

The Sales Certificate consists of the following 19-21 credits:

BU-2450 Principles of Marketing 3
BU-3280 Professional Selling Skills I 3
BU-3420 Organizational Behavior 3
BU-3290 Professional Selling Skills II 3
BU-4260 Interpersonal Relations  3
BU-4330 Sales Management  3

One of the following electives:

BU 4380 Sales Internship 1 – 3
BU-3350 Event Marketing 3
BU-3370 Advertising and Promotion Management 3
BU 4440 Global Marketing 3