Always Dial 911 for Medical, Fire or Police Emergencies!

PSU Emergency Communications

The most critical aspect of planning for emergencies is communication. Plymouth State University will do everything possible to communicate to you before, during, and after emergencies. This includes providing detailed instructions about the emergencies and what you need to do to ensure your safety. The University uses several methods to communicate information about emergencies. We urge you to become familiar with these methods now and register (where required). Once an emergency occurs, it may be too late.

Plymouth State University Communication Tools

Local Television Stations

  • WMUR-TV Channel 9
  • WCSH TV 6 Portland

Local Radio Stations

  • WASR 1420 AM
  • WLTN 96.7 FM
  • WMWV 93.5 FM
  • WLNH 98.3 FM/WEMJ 1490 AM
  • WLKZ 104.9 FM

In an emergency, the University will speak with one voice. All communications regarding emergencies to students, faculty, staff, the public and the media will be made by the Office of Public Relations (OPR). OPR will work with emergency responders to ensure that all information being reported is timely, factual and informative.

Immediate decisions and orders requiring communications, such as evacuations, will likely be made by emergency personnel on the scene. These first responders may also rely on OPR to forward information to you through other means, such as text messaging, e-mail, and Web site postings.

Safety and Prevention Tips

Fire Prevention Tip #11

Store combustibles away from all heat sources such as heaters, stoves, ovens, etc.