Canceling Classes or Curtailment of Operations

Although every effort will be made to keep the campus open and operating, there may be times, such as during severe weather or an emergency, when full operation of the campus will not be possible.

The Administration will do all it can to decide on and inform you of cancellations and closures by 6 a.m. For canceling of evening classes, the decisions is usually made and communicated by 1:30 p.m.  Cancel/Closure notifications will be sent to local media, including:

  • WMUR-TV Channel 9
  • NHPR
  • WFTN 94.1 FM/WPNH 1300 AM
  • WASR 1420 AM
  • WLTN 96.7 FM
  • WJYY 92.1 & 105.5 FM
  • WMWV 93.5 FM
  • WLNH 98.3 FM/WEMJ 1490 AM
  • WLKZ 104.9 FM
  • WOKQ 97.5 FM

Notifications will also be posted on the Web site, the Storm Line and sent via e-mail and text messaging systems.

Some departments or buildings on campus, including those providing services to on-campus students, are considered essential, and as such, will be required to remain open during curtailed operations. These include:

  • Center for Young Children and Families
  • Dining
  • Hartman Union
  • Health Services
  • Lamson Library
  • Mail Services
  • P.E. Center
  • Physical Plant
  • Residential Life
  • Telecommunications
  • University Police

We recognize that to many students, the campus is their home. Unless an emergency requires a complete evacuation of the campus, housing and meals will always be available.

Any decision to curtail essential operations or facilities will be made and communicated only after consultation between University Administration, the University Police, the EHS Office, the Physical Plant and other campus or local officials. There are times when the town or other local agencies may be relying upon these facilities to provide shelter or comfort in an emergency.

Safety and Prevention Tips

Fire Prevention Tip #4

Keep fire and electrical equipment such as fire extinguishers, electrical panels, detectors, pull stations and automatic fire sprinklers clear at all times. Sprinklers require at least 18” of clearance and electrical panels require at least 36” of clearance.