Flood Evacuation

The campus area east of the Pemigewasset River is prone to occasional flooding conditions at any time during the year, but especially during the spring months. Flooding of these areas may result in the declaration of a flood emergency. Flood emergencies can result in the partial or full evacuation of the Holderness facilities, including student and staff parking lots at the PE Center, AllWell North, Ice Area and off-campus apartments on long North and South River Streets in Holderness.

During potential flooding conditions, University Police monitor all reports of flooding through consultation with the National Weather Service at Gray, Maine, and other local and state emergency response agencies, including the Plymouth and Holderness Fire Departments.

If conditions or reports warrant, a flood emergency will be declared and students, faculty and staff will be directed to move vehicles and/or evacuate parts of the campus.

All efforts to communicate the evacuations in a timely manner will be made. However, in the event of sudden flooding, such as during an ice dam or a flash flood, notification may not allow for much, if any time, to move vehicles or personal belongings. When instructed to move a vehicle or evacuate a building or area, do so immediately.

The decision to implement evacuations will be based upon campus needs, with the overall goal to be the preservation of life, and then property.

As with any campus emergency, the administration will do all it can to inform and update students, faculty and staff. During emergencies, do your best to monitor all campus communications.

Avoid having your vehicle towed

If you leave your vehicle in the Holderness parking lots over weekends and breaks when you are not on campus, make sure someone else on or near campus has your keys and can move your vehicle if necessary.

Interior Flooding

In the event of interior flooding from a broken water line, the following actions are recommended:

  • Immediately contact Physical Plant at ext. 52254 or (603) 535-2254 to notify them of the situation. Inform them immediately if any oil, chemical, or other potentially hazardous materials are suspected of contaminating the flood waters.
  • Physical Plant will work to fix the problem and assist in all clean-up and salvage efforts.
  • If possible, secure any vital equipment or records and other important papers.
  • Shut off all electrical equipment only if you can do so without standing in water.
  • Secure all laboratory equipment in the same manner.

Pemigewasset River Level Data Current Water Level of the Pemigewasset River Flood Data

Pemigewasset River Flood Data

Safety and Prevention Tips

Fire Prevention Tip #1

It’s easier to prevent a fire than it is to extinguish or escape from one.