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Greetings. My name is Leo Sandy. Renowned Brazilian educator, Paulo Freire, once wrote,"The teacher presents the material to the students for their considerations, and reconsiders her earlier considerations as the students express their own." It is in this spirit that I approach the courses I teach.
I have been at PSU since 1996 and I retired on 5-20-16 as Professor Emeritus. I was the former coordinator of the School Psychology. Before coming to PSU, I was a professor of education at Rivier College (now University), a small Catholic liberal institution in Nashua, NH, where I taught 12 years full-time and 13 years part-time. Prior to coming to Rivier, I was a school psychologist for the Lowell, Mass school district where I served for ten years. From1984 to 2012, I have been a consulting school psychologist for the Inter-lakes School District covering the towns of Meredith, Sandwich and Ashland, NH, and now serve the same capacity at the Westmoreland School in SAU 29. I also used to write a bimonthly column for the Laconia NH Daily Sun. Currently,  I'm a volunteer parent educator for the NH Department of Corrections and a behavior consultant at the Keene, NH YMCA Child Development Center. I am a member of RISE, a group that is working to integrate peace and social justice studies into high school courses. My main interest is in the role of pedagogy to promote the highest level of human potential which, in turn, will advance the cause of a peaceful and just world. Peace and justice, as well as human and animal rights themes, run through my courses, writing and my life.
I received my B.A. in psychology at U of Mass at Boston in 1970, my masters of counselor education and school psychology in 1971 at Boston University, and my doctorate in human development and education in 1983, also from Boston University. I served in the U.S. Navy from 1961 to 1965 on the U.S.S. Enterprise CVA(N) 65 and the U.S.S.Wasp CVS-15. On the Enterprise I participated in the Cuban Missile blockade. I have been married to the same person since 1965. We have two adult children - a daughter born in 1968 and a son born in 1971. Our daughter has a Ph.D. and is an English professor, and our son has a Pharm D. and is a pharmacy manager. Our granddaughter, Betty Rose. was born on 1-5-10, and she is my daughter's daughter. We also have a cat named Millie, a Sato Canadian Duck Toller 3-legged dog named Jackie, and a Sato named Lily, both rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico.
I enjoy visiting with my granddaughter and children, watching British classics like Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice and Charles Dickens' Little Dorritt, snowshoeing, sailing, walking my dogs, doing Zumba and step aerobics, driving my tractor, target practicing, driving my antique 1983 Mercedes Benz 380 SL, traveling, dining out, playing Yahtzee, debating with conservatives and watching good movies. 

Presentations (Details)

2015   Presented Social Justice and the Helping Professions at a Symposium at Keene State College

2015 Attended the 2015 Strengthening Families Summit on the Science of Relationships: The Prevention Connection, and presented on Strengthening Families Through Parent Involvement and Education in Concord, NH

2014  Attended the Twenty-First Annual Conference on Learning and presented    on Democratizing Education: Moving from Discomfort to Action

2013   Attended the National Alliance on Mental Health Annual Conference on             Mental Health and Schools and presented on Parental Awareness   Levels:   Implications for Intervention

2013    Attended the Fifth Annual Culture of Peace Conference at Rivier University and presented on “Arms for the Poor: International Transfer of Arms”

2013    Attended the Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the American Association of              Behavioral and Social Sciences at Las Vegas, Nevada, and presented on JROTC, Youth Socialization and The Culture of Peace

2012    Attended the Fourth Annual Culture of Peace Conference at Keene State College on Advancing Understanding, Tolerance and Solidarity and presented a workshop on  My Journey Toward Tolerance and Solidarity, as well as a workshop on     “Testimonies from Anonymous Exit Interviews of the Pakistani Leadership Institute Participants"  as part of a panel presentation on Facilitating Cross Cultural Encounters.     

2009    Co-Presented on Educating for Global Citizenship at the Ninth Annual Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations in Riga, Latvia

2007    Presented on Developing Family-School-Community Partnerships at the 4th International Conference on Positive Behavior Support in Boston, MA

2006    Co-presented Promoting a Culture of Peace in Higher Education at the Peace and Justice Studies Association Annual Conference on “Who Speaks for the Common Good?” at Manhattan College in New York City

2004  Co-presented Beyond Patriotism in the New Millennium: Creating a New Vision or Education at the 11th International Annual Literacy & Education Research Network Conference on Learning at the Cojimar Pedagogical Convention Center in Havana, Cuba 

2003  Co-presented Beyond Patriotism in the New Millennium: Creating a New Vision for Education at the 10th Annual Literacy & Education Conference on Learning at the Institute of Learning of the University of London

2002  Co-presented Beyond Patriotism in the New Millennium: Creating a New Vision of Education at the 42nd Annual Conference of the Association of General and Liberal Studies in Louisville, Kentucky

2002   Co-presented Promoting Peaceful Classrooms and Schools at The Fourth    Annual Meeting of the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences (AABSS) in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

 2001   Co-presented Engaging Students in Communities: Models of Service Learning at    The 41st Annual Conference of the Association for General and Liberal Studies in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania the theme of which was The Changing Face of Liberal Education for a Democratic Society

2001   Co-presented Staying Focused: Improving College Teaching Through Reflective      Practice at the International Alliance of Teacher Scholars,  Inc. 7th Annual Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching - New England in Boston

2000   Presented The Permeable Classroom at the International Alliance of Teacher Scholars, Inc. 6th Annual Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching - New England in Boston

2000   Co-presented a workshop on Techniques of Promoting Peace Through Children at the National Association of Social Workers Sixth NASW Social Work Symposium in Boston.

2000   Co-presented a paper on Faculty Perceptions Regarding Faculty Development in Pedagogy at The Third Annual Meeting of the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences (AABSS) in Las Vegas,Nevada. 

1999   Presented The Permeable Classroom at the International Alliance of Teacher Scholars, Inc. 5th Annual Lilly Conference on College and        University Teaching - New England in Boston

1999   Presented a performance/dialogue on The Application of Theater of the Oppressed to Teacher Training in Parent-Teacher Conferencing at the Fifth Annual International Conference of Popular Education and Social Change in New York City.

1999   Served on a panel discussion on Personal Disarmament at the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in the Netherlands

1999   Co-presented a workshop on   Promoting Peace Through Our Children at the International School Social Work Conference in Chicago

1997   Co-presented a dialogue session on Freire Across the Curriculum with Ira Shor and Susanne Bounds at the Working Class Conference at Youngstown University    in Ohio.

1997   Co-facilitated a dialogue session on Freire Across the Curriculum with Patti Swartz  and Susanne Bounds of Morehouse College at the Pedagogy of the Oppressed Conference at the University of Nebraska at Omaha

1996    Presented a workshop on Service Learning: The Quiet Revolution at the Pedagogy of the Oppressed Conference at the University of Nebraska at Omaha

Teaching Award (Details)

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NH Peace Action Culture of Peace Award (Details)

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NH Edie Award 1016 (Details)

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NHASP LIfetime Achievement Award in School Psychology 2016 (Details)

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Education History (Details)

Qualification Attachments
Human Development and Education (Doctor of Education) at Boston University
February 1979 - May 1983
Counselor Education and School Psychology (Master of Education) at Boston University
September 1970 - May 1971
Psychology (Bachelor of Arts) at U of Mass at Boston
September 1966 - May 1970


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CO 5310 Syllabus 2013.1.doc

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SY 5300 Syllabus SP 17 Revised.doc

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Syllabus PSYC 355 F 15.doc

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Employment History (Details)

Position Attachments
I teach several graduate courses including Advanced Human Development, Foundations in School Psychology, Foundations and Multicultural Aspects of Parenting, Assessment and Consultation, Critical Issues in Counseling, and Social/Emotional/Behavioral Assessmentcoordinate. I also teach two undergraduate classes - Building a Civil Society and Philosphical Aspects of War and Peace. I coordinate the School Psychology Program and the Parenting Education Certificate Program.
Consulting School Psychologist: SAU 29 Westmoreland School
2013 - Present
I teach Psychology of Learning and Building a Peaceful and Just Society
Volunteer Parent Educator: YMCA
2013 - Present
I provide parenting education seminars to inmates at Berlin, Concord and Goffstown through the Family Connection Center
I do psychological evaluations of children and consult with parents, teachers and other school personnel.
Columnist: Laconia Daily Sun
September 2005 - June 2012
I write a biweekly column with topics that range from education to politics to peace and justice issues.
2003 Coordinator of School Psychology Program, Plymouth State University 2002- Professor of Education, Plymouth State University 1996-02 Associate Professor of Education & Coordinator, Human Relations Option, Plymouth State College 1997-98 Co-Director of Graduate Studies in Education, Plymouth State College 1995-96 Lecturer in Education, Plymouth State College 1986- Consulting School Psychologist, Inter-lakes Elementary School, Meredith, NH 1984-96 Professor of Education (and Chair to 1993), Rivier College, Nashua, NH 1987-93 Consultant, Clearway Alternative High School, Nashua, NH 1986-89 Consultant, Lakes Region Family Service, Laconia, NH 1983-84 School Psychologist, Londonderry and Hudson, NH Public Schools 1974-83 School Psychologist, Lowell, MA Public Schools 1975-83 Consulting School Psychologist, Larry L. Larsen, Ph.D. and Associates 1972-74 Coordinator of Guidance Services, Bedford and Merrimack, NH Public Schools 1971-72 Special Education Teacher, E.L. Herrman School [Emotionally Disturbed Children], Lowell, MA 1969-70 Child Care Worker, St. Anne’s Home [Emotionally Disturbed Children], Methuen, MA 1961-65 ABH-3 (E-4), United States Navy, USS Enterprise CVA (N) -65 and USS Wasp CVS-18

Publications (Details)

Title Attachments
Taking Time for Parents
Protocol Summer 2014
Curricular Innovations
Spring/Summer 2009
Teen Suicide
Summer 2009
Developing an Ethic of Care
This paper examines the role of higher education in developing global citizens. By internationalizing the curriculum and the campus culture, institutions of higher education are uniquely positioned to positively affect the world. Increasing knowledge and understanding of differences enables people to work more effectively together to solve the world’s pressing problems. To promote a global perspective and to ultimately become a transformative experience for students, both curriculum content and pedagogy need to be examined and revised. Other ways that help build global awareness include service learning, study abroad programs, faculty and student exchanges, advocacy actions, the display of global symbols and diversity awareness initiatives. Global citizenship advances human potential and prosperity through the creation of peace and social justice worldwide.
Promoting Parent Involvement in Assessment
Winter 2009
Personalizing the Writing Experience: The Interview and the Service Learning Project
2016 A need for civics education. NHASP Protocol, Volume 34. Issue II
2015 Authoritarian Parenting: A Recipe for Violence, NHASP Protocol, Volume 33, Issue II, Summer 2015
2016 Opiod deaths: Another perspective. NHASO Protocol, Volume 34, Issue II
2016 PeaceTalk: A compendium of Hope ( a book in process)
2015 Practicum and Intern Supervision: There Is A Lot In It For You. NHASP Protocol, Volume 33, Issue II, Summer 2015
2016 PeaceTalk: A compendium of Hope ( a book in process)

Columns (Details)

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file Abolish the Death Penalty.doc
file A dream school for some.doc
file A Finland Report Card.doc
file America's 4 Fundamentalisms.doc
file An Ethical School.1.doc
file Article 9 column.doc
file Atomic bomb.doc
file Banking System of Education.doc
file Basic Tenets of Islam and Christianity.doc
file Be hard on the problem and soft on people.doc
file Bishop Oscar Romero.doc
file Buddhism.doc
file Build Civil Society PYDI 1050 F 10.doc
file Building A Civil Society.doc
file Bullying 7-17-06.DOC
file Catholicism and Capitalism.doc
file Celebrating Real Heroes.doc
file Centenarians column
file Centenarians column.doc
file Chaplains column 5-07.doc
file Children and Television.doc.docx
file Christian Nation.doc
file Christopher Columbus.doc
file Civics Education.doc
file Civil Disobedience column.doc
file Civilian-Based Defense.doc
file Code of Conduct for Arms Sales.doc
file Conflict Resolution.doc
file Corporate Welfare.doc
file Corp Punish 5-29-06, # 9.doc
file Counseling TheoriesCO 5260 F 10.doc
file Critical Issues CO 5650 Fall 11.doc
file Critical Thinking Last Draft.doc
file Dec Hum Rights column.doc
file Department for Peace column.doc
file Depression in Childen.DOC
file Dissent and Democracy.doc
file Dissenting Military Voices.doc
file Drone Warfare.doc
file Drug ed column 9-10-07.doc
file Dualistic Thinking.doc
file Dunning-Kruger Effect.doc
file Ed Reform column.doc
file Eisenhower vs King.doc
file Enduring War.doc
file Ethic of Care.DOC
file Excellent Schools.doc
file Fascism column.doc
file Fatalism.doc
file Foreign Aid and the U.S.doc
file Forming Critical Mind.doc
file Fur is for Animals.doc
file Good News and Hope.doc
file Great Peacemakers column.doc
file Helping Teenagers to Develop.doc
file Homophobia.doc
file Homosexual Identity Stages.doc
file Identity and Parenting.doc
file If Women Ruled World.DOC
file Immature Thinking.doc
file In Defense of the United Nations.doc
file JROTC column.doc
file Killing.docx
file Liberatory pedagogy column.doc
file Licenses for parents column.doc
file Licenses for parents column.doc
file Love and Hate.doc
file Making Trade Fair.doc
file Maslow.doc
file Media literacy 12-26-06.DOC
file Media literacy 12-26-06.DOC
file Mistaken Goals of Children.doc
file Moral development.doc
file Moral Disengagement.doc
file My Lai and the Coverup Process.doc
file Myth of Liberal Media.DOC
file Myth of Redempt Violen.doc
file Nonviolence and Society.doc
file Northwoods column.doc
file Nuclear Weapons.doc
file Oases of Peace.doc
file Parenting for Personal Responsibility.doc
file Parents... column # 5 4-3-06.DOC
file Parricide.doc
file Patriotism 6-12-06.doc
file Pessimists.doc
file Poetry and Truth.doc
file Politics of Breast Cancer.doc
file Positive Psychology column.doc
file Potpourri.doc
file Praise.doc
file Preparing global citizens.doc
file Pride.doc
file Pride column.doc
file Racism and Minority Identity Development.doc
file Retirement.doc
file Right Wing Thinking.doc
file Role of Fathers #3.cwk 3-6-06.DOC
file Role of Religion 10-06.doc
file Romero column 8-6-07.doc
file School Counselors.doc
file Sleep and performance.doc
file SOA column 8-20-07.doc
file socialism 9-08.doc
file Sovereignty and World Government.doc
file Strength through Peace.doc
file Teaching as a Subversive Activity.doc
file The Case of Bradley Manning.doc
file The Causes of War.1.doc
file The Causes of War.doc
file The High School Dropout Issue.docx
file The High School of the Future.doc
file The International Baccalaureate.doc
file The Iraq debacle].doc
file The Machiavelli of Nonviolence.doc
file The Millennials.doc
file The parenting of Nazis and other authoritarians.doc
file The Plight of Homeless Veterans.doc
file The Plight of Veterans in History.doc
file The Purpose of Education.doc
file The Tao of teaching.1.doc
file Thioughts about Veteran's Day.doc
file Time Pollution.doc
file To Change or Not to Change.doc
file Toward A Culture of Peace.doc
file Truth and the academy.doc
file Types of Pacifism.doc
file War language Column.doc
file Ways to abolish war.doc
file What are they thinking in Texas.doc
file What Children Need.doc
file What is the Tea Party.doc
file What Really Matters Column.doc
file Will there always be war.doc


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