Tabling in the Hartman Union Building

The purpose of tabling in the Hartman Union Building is for advertising events and programs to the greater student body.   Tables in the HUB are not for satellite offices or consistent use throughout the semester by departments or outside vendors.  Student organizations receive top priority for tabling in the Hartman Union.  Outside vendors or departments who pay, and therefore supplement student fees, are a second priority.  All other requests will be reserved based on table availability.

Tables are provided free of charge for student organizations, departments and class events that benefit the greater student population.  Tables for individual students are generally not approved but are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Reserve your table via 25Live, just like you would a room on campus, at:

The Hartman Union allows outside vendors to provide services and information to our student and faculty/staff population.  If you are a visitor to PSU and wish to reserve a table in the Hartman Union, contact the HUB Administrative Office at 535.2376, or email Karen Weldon, HUB Reservationist & Event Coordinator, at

Please read the Vendor Table Policy.