Hamed M. Obiedat

Teaching Lecturer, Mathematics

BS, MS, Yarmouk University; PhD, New Mexico State University

Email: hmobiedat@plymouth.edu

About Professor Obiedat

Hamed Obiedat joined the Mathematics Department in the Fall 2016 as a teaching lecturer. He taught mathematics at Yarmouk University in Jordan and New Mexico State University. His research interests are in the areas of functional analysis, fixed point theory, and general topology. Hamed is passionate about teaching mathematics to non-mathematics majors through applications and interdisciplinary projects.

Selected publications/presentations/exhibitions

  • Mohd M. Yasein and Hamed M. Obiedat, Some Results on Connected and Monotone Functions, Questions and Answers in General Topology, Vol. 30 (2012), 85-88.
  • F. Awawdeh and H.M. Obiedat, Identification Problems for Degenerate Parabolic equations, Applications of Mathematics, vol. 58, no. 4, 2013.
  • Mohd M. Yasein and Hamed M. Obiedat, Characterization of Gelfand-Shilov Spaces of Beurling Type and its Dual Via Short-Time Fourier Transform, Jordan Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Vol. 1, No. 9 (2016), 31-43.
  • BLAST 2011 Conference June 1-5, 2011, The University of Kansas-Lawrence-KA-USA. The talk entitled” Connected and Monotone Functions”.
  • 2013 Spring Central Section Meeting April 26-28,2013, Iowa State University-Ames-IA-USA. The talk entitled” (w1,w2)-tempered ultra distributions representation theorems”.

Courses Taught

MA 1500 Math & the Humanities
MA 2200 Finite Mathematics
MA 2300 Statistics I