Here is a sneak peek of next fall’s exciting exhibits and events…


"Iced Donught," Michael Heffernan

 2014 Faculty Exhibit

September 3 – October 2

The PSU Faculty Exhibit is an annual celebration of Plymouth State University’s talented art faculty,highlighting exhibitors as working artists and demonstrating how their work connects with the PSU art curriculum and art students. The exhibit includes recent works from a wide spectrum of media including painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, printmaking, photography, digital media, graphic design and mixed media.

  And Now Behind Curtain #2

October 6 – 30

What does it mean for art to be socially engaged?  Can art help us find the vision to move through today’s world? This audience-participatory installation examines the tensions, fears, and illusions promoted by the corporate media and the stories of individuals struggling to make sense of this economic and political moment, while inviting viewers to participate in a game that playfully explores the perils and rewards of activism. Beverly Naidus’s art practice intertwines the roles of activist, educator, writer, and interdisciplinary artist. She teaches at the University of Washington, Tacoma, and is the author of Arts For Change: Teaching Outside the Frame, in which she explores how to teach art from a socially engaged and interdisciplinary perspective, reclaiming the idea that art can act as both a deconstructive force (to analyze and question what exists and existed) and as a reconstructive one (providing a visionary role). Professor Naidus will present an interactive workshop for educators and the public based on the concepts from her book.


  The Beehive Collective

November 10 – December 13

What is it like to work as part of an artist collective? The Beehive Collective has traveled to and worked with groups around the world, translating complex global stories into collaboratively drawn images that take on a life of their own. Their most recently printed graphic, Mesoamérica Resiste, was nine years in the making. This large-format narrative illustration tells stories of grassroots organizing and community resilience from Mexico to Colombia and also celebrates cultural and ecological diversity. This exhibit will inspire us to imagine the diverse ways that the arts can motivate and activate local and global communities. Curated by the PSU Museum Studies class, led by Professor of Art History Jayme Yahr.


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