Ecoart: Vision, Imagination, & Place


Design Team: Suzanne Lacy, Susan Steinman, & Yutaka Kobayashi

This project engaged residents to enhance local awareness of their natural environment, particularly the river, and supported agendas to build the town’s identity as an eco-tourist destination. The project included restoring a waterfront and designing an interpretive park with mini-wetlands to mitigate stormwater runoff from a nearby gas station.

The process of creating such projects is as important as the end result—this process creates social capital, which Nowak says “refers to relationships of trust and mutuality that can be mobilized to achieve instrumental ends… Scholars such as Robert Putnam view Social Capital not simply as a by-product of prosperity but a potential precursor to prosperity: the quality and depth of formal and informal relationships [within a community] can have a wealth-building impact.”

Photo credit: Suzanne Lacy, Susan Steinman, & Yutaka Kobayashi, ” Blue Line Trail.” Permission and images provided by Susan Steinman

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