Juried Student Exhibition Submission Guidelines and Criteria

2015 Juried Student Exhibition
March 24 – April 11

Karl Drerup Art Gallery

PLEASE read this form BEFORE submitting work for this show!!!!!!

Every year in the spring the Karl Drerup Art Gallery hosts an exhibition of the best art work produced by PSU students during the past year. All students, whether art major or not will be eligible to submit up to 3 works to be juried for this exhibition held March 24 – April 11.

There are two jurors this year: Sarah Chaffee of McGowan Gallery in Concord and Deborah Mahar, visual artist and educator.

Works produced in all media are encouraged to be represented. This includes Graphic Design, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Video and what might be termed Mixed Media. There is no stylistic or thematic restriction on your creative efforts, the quality of your work is the only criteria. There will be 4 levels considered which correspond to the levels the curriculum course [courses listed below] which you are enrolled in. Your work will be judged in comparison to other work on the same level. For example, a first year level student’s work will not be compared to those from a senior level. In addition, there will be a fifth level that will allow you to submit independent work, created outside of the existing course structures, and a sixth level for non art majors. Only 15 pieces per level will be accepted into the exhibit for a total of 75 pieces. There will be five prizes for each of the “Best in Level” works and one prize for the overall “Best in Show.”

Submission Guidelines

  • Students may enter up to 3 pieces of art, made within the last year, and not previously submitted.
  • Wet work WILL NOT be accepted!!
  • Work without hanging wire and labels will be automatically rejected.
  • You must complete the ONLINE submission form and print out your labels BEFORE you drop off your work!!!Labels will be on the ONLINE submission form.  Please print out a label for each work entered.


2D Work

All 2D work should be exhibition ready. Options include:

  • Flat and mounted on mat board
  • Window matted with mat window cutout.
  • Framed (strip frame or other simple frame).
  • Properly shrink wrapped as needed.
  • Instructions for how to install work (if necessary, with diagram, measurements, orientation)
  • Label attached to back of work.


3D Work

All 3D work should be exhibition ready. Options include:

  • Installation recommendations (pedestal, wall mount, floor, or hanging)
  • Instructions for how to install work (diagram, measurements, orientation)
  • Label attached inconspicuously on work


Exhibit Deadlines


Artwork Drop Off:

Friday, March 6, 10am-12noon- Gallery WORK ROOM DOOR
Saturday, March 7, 1-4pm
Sunday, March 8, 1-4pm
Monday, March 9, 10am-6pm, 4-6pm

You must complete the ONLINE submission form and print out your labels BEFORE you drop off your work!!!!!  Art work NOT submitted by the due date will NOT be accepted. NO exceptions!

Results of the jurying will be via email.

Didn’t make it into the Exhibit?

You will have the option of exhibiting work that did not make it into the KDAG exhibit in the Student Art Collective’s “Salon Des Refuses” exhibited in The Collins Gallery and around campus.

Pick Up Work (Not Selected)

and not in the Salon Des Refusés:
Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, March 24 from 10am-4pm in the Karl Drerup Art Gallery.

Exhibit Opening:

Tuesday, March 24 from 4-6pm in the Karl Drerup Art Gallery

Exhibit Dates:

March 24- April 11

Pick Up Work (Selected):

Monday, April 13 from 10-4pm and Tuesday April 14 from 10am-4 pm in the Karl Drerup Art Gallery. Artworks in the Salon Des Refusees will be picked up in the Conference Room, D&M room 204.The Karl Drerup Art Gallery and the Student Exhibition Committee will NOT be responsible for any work left behind after the deadline

Levels for Juried Student Exhibit

Please be aware that in order to be able to have a representation of all the medias, levels and styles, we MUST receive submissions in each category from levels A-E and from all medias and styles.  SO SUBMIT YOUR WORK!!!!

Level A

AR1040 – Fundamentals of Art: Color and Design

AR1060 – Fundamentals of Art: Form in 3D

AR1120 – Drawing: Objects, Interiors, Landscapes

ARDI1200 – Creativity and the Visual World

ARDI1300 – Myths, Masks, and Identity

ARDI1400 – The Art of Sketching

ARDI1450 – Public Art: The Politics of Visual Meaning

AR1120 – Drawing: Objects, Interior and Land

PT1025 – Alternative Photo Process

Level B

AG2330 – An Introduction to Graphic Design Software

ARDI2310-Table Manners: Functional Pottery

AG2350 – Graphic Design I

AG3050 – Digital Multimedia Design

AG3300 – Graphic Design II

PTDI2200 – The Art of Photography

PT2600 – Photography I

AR2520 – Drawing: Figure in Value

AR3010 – Painting: Theory and Process

AR3160 – Foundations of Sculpture: Objects and Ideas

AR3220 – Foundations of Ceramics: Exploration

AR3300 – Process and Printmaking

AR3570 – The Art of Sustainability

AR3060 – Foundations of Sculpture: Representing the Body

Level C

AG3360 – Graphic Design III

AG4370 – Graphic Design IV

AG3550 – PSU Student Design Company

AG3600 – Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator Techniques

AG3650 – PSU Student Design Company Internship

AR3040 – Painting: Figure in Context

AR3120 – Painting: Exploring Personal Themes

AR3130 – Drawing: Figure in Color

AR3230 – Foundations of Ceramics: Pottery Wheel

AR3290 – Intaglio

AR3320 – Lithography

PT3450 – Digital Photography

PT3620 – Photo Documentary and the Artist

AR3160- Sculpture: Objects and Ideas

AE3250- 2D Presentation

AG3480- Production for Graphic Design

AR3570- Art of Sustainability

AR3060- Sculpture: Representing Body

AG3480- Production for Graphic Design

Level D

AG4550 – Special Problems in Graphic Design

AG4910 – Independent Study in Graphic Design

AG4350 – Advanced Flash Animation and Effects

AG4910- IS: Flash Animation and Effects

AR3520 – Drawing: Advanced

AR4070 – Drawing: Personal Voice

AR4080 – Painting: Advanced Concepts

AR4230 – Advanced Ceramics

AR4320 – Advanced Printmaking

PT4600 – Special Topics in Photography

AR4510 – Painting: Special Problems

AR4520 – Special Problems in Printmaking

AR4550 – Special Problems in Ceramics

AR4560 – Special Problems in Drawing

AR4580 – Special Problems in Sculpture

AR4700 – Special Topics in Studio Art:

AR4800 – Advanced Studio Seminar

AR4910 – Independent Study in Studio Art

AG4380- Graphic Design V

AG4390- Graphic Design VI

AR3660- Advanced Sculpture

Level E

Work submitted at this level is that which was produced outside of the classroom and existing art courses. This work is independent, self-designed and generated. It reflects a student’s complete creative freedom.

Gallery Hours

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