Contributed by Mary Morris Devenney ’69

I was one of Karls painting students at Plymouth State and thought it was pretty cool to wear eye make up, i.e. eye liner. One morning while I was in his class, Mr. Drerup came over to me and peered at me through the bottom of his glasses. “How long did it take you to paint your eyes this morning, Miss Morris?” At the time I was embarrassed but now it is a wonderful memory about a wonderful man. Thank you Mr. Drerup, for all you gave to the students at Plymouth State. You were one in a million…..contributed by Mary Morris Devenney ’69

Contributed by Lucas Drerup, Karl Drerup’s Grandson

Sometimes my dad and brothers would go out to attend to some business or other and leave me with Grandpa for the afternoon. I would make him a sandwich and a gin and tonic. We would sit together in the dining room while he ate and he would tell me stories about Europe. By this time he was pretty old and the stories often lacked cohesion, a polite way to say they made no sense most of the time. He would speak of Europe and specifically Germany as prisons he had been incarcerated in. He would always ask for another drink and I’d make it for him. Then a third. Louise, bless her heart, didn’t let Gramp whet his whistle to the degree he would have liked and so he always took advantage of the opportunity to weedle a few extra drinks during our lunches. I’d help him into his chair in the living room after lunch where he would promptly fall asleep and I was free to go vegetate in front of the TV.—contributed by Lucas Drerup, Karl Drerup’s grandson

Contributed by Betsy Cheney

Enchanted Garden truly makes Drerup Gallery glow. The printed images are beautiful, but can only hint at the power of the works themselves. For those of us who have been at Plymouth State for some time, the Drerup legacy means so much more now that there is a comprehensive exhibition of his work to study. Thanks to Oliver Drerup and the other collectors who let us bring this exhibition “home to Plymouth State University.” And congratulations to all who have worked to make this exhibition possible. This is another “Plymouth Best.”—contributed by Betsy Cheney

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