PSU / Benin Connection

April 6th, 2014 by Tim

Houdegbe North American University of Benin

By Peng Khuan Chong, Associate Professor of Political Science

About the time in 2003 that Plymouth State College became Plymouth State University, a former  international student who studied political science here in 1973 was building his country’s first private university in Benin, West Africa. By 2004 the American style, Plymouth State-inspired university which would bear his name, the Houdegbe North American University of Benin (HNAUB), was established. Chancellor/President Octave Cossi Houdegbe’s  HNAUB started with about 200 students and in ten years has grown to 18,500 students on several campuses.

Commencement at HNAUB

Professor Peng-Khuan Chong of the Social Science Department was the keynote speaker to HNAUB’s  5,000 student matriculating class in January 11, 2014. The enthusiastic and jubilant students majored in agriculture, business, communications, computer engineering, international relations, law, medicine, nursing, political science, sociology and others in the sciences and liberal arts. Most of the students come from Benin, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Togo and other West African countries.

HNAUB’s Main Library

It is hoped that PSU students will take the opportunity to study in HNAUB and experience the vibrant, friendly and beautiful country of Benin. PSU faculty and staff have had excellent exchanges with their  HNAUB counterparts, and this coming fall some students from HNAUB will attend PSU.

The Global Education Office is a good place to start this next exciting adventure in international education.