Art Courses

AR 5200 Survey of Arts Projects, Programs and Technology - 3 graduate credits
An overview of art projects, programs and technologies, this survey course acquaints the student with a wide variety of integrated arts experiences that have been successfully implemented into a wide range of educational, cultural, and recreational settings. Commonalties between projects and programs will be examined, as will the qualities that make them unique. The latest in art technologies will also be surveyed in order to expose students to new possibilities in arts integration through technology.

AR 5300 The Arts in Society - 3 graduate credits
An exploration of the relationship of the creative artist and the arts (i.e., visual arts, theatre, and music) to society is addressed. The changing role of the arts will be considered within the context of the socioeconomic, historical, political, and cultural forces that shape them. Particular attention will be given to the societal values that mold and are expressed by the arts in a range of cultures, both East and West. The role of the artist as a force in cultural change also will be studied. Summers.

AR 5560 Studio Topics in Art - 1-3 graduate credits
This course provides a specialized offering by a specialist in a studio method. Students will participate in an intensive hands-on studio experience during the course. A departmental faculty supervisor and/or technician will be available to assist the specialist in guiding the students in a focused environment. Students may repeat this course when offered under a different topic.

AR 5800 Studio/Design Teaching Apprentice - 3-4 graduate credits
This course provides the opportunity for a qualified student to assist the Area Coordinator or with teaching and studio responsibilities for one undergraduate course at the 1000 to 4000 level in the student's area of concentration. The student will have designated studio/lab and instructional responsibilities in the class and will participate with the faculty member in regular discussions concerning the course content, student needs, studio/lab maintenance, and instructional methodology. The student will also receive mentorship in their area of studio mastery and have the opportunity to develop a personal body of work. Offered Fall and Spring. Student must present a portfolio of work and be interviewed and approved by the Area Coordinator, with additional approval of MAT in Art Education Coordinator, and Chair of the department. Student must have earned a BA or BFA in Art or BS in Art Education.

AR 5910 Independent Study - 1-3 graduate credits
Advanced work in a limited area of studio art, art history, or art education, selected and carried on in consultation with an art faculty advisor. Consent of a faculty supervisor, the department chair, and the associate vice president for the College of Graduate Studies is required.

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