Business Courses

BU 5050 Business Graduate Internship - 3 graduate credits
A supervised internship in business for graduate students. The purpose is to gain meaningful work experience and apply knowledge learned in previous course work to the on-the-job situation. The internship placement must provide a new learning experience for the student. A work journal, reading in the field and a report on work experience are required. Permission of Internship Coordinator, department chair and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Business. Prerequisite: nine graduate credits in business.

BU 5110 Managing Organizational Behavior - 3 graduate credits
A review of theory and research findings in the field of organizational behavior, with emphasis on applications by practicing managers. Topics to be covered include perception, motivation, leadership, communication, group dynamics, conflict management and organization theory. Pedagogical techniques include case analysis, presentations, role plays and other experiential activities. Prerequisite: Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Business Ethics, Business Policies, and Legal Environment.

BU 5120 Financial Analysis - 3 graduate credits
A complete corporate financial management course. Content covers the classic areas of valuation, capital structure and budgeting as well as more specialized financial topics. Online version incorporates online course materials and exercises. Prerequisite: BU 5190 and Common Professional Component (CPC) competency in Business Finance.

BU 5160 Seminar in Managing Human Resources - 3 graduate credits
A review of contemporary techniques, practices and research results in the area of human resource management, with emphasis on the perspective of the practicing manager. Topics to be covered include recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, labor relations and collective bargaining, occupational safety and health and employee rights within the context of federal and state legal regulation. The case method is used extensively. The goal is to assist the line or staff manager in effective utilization and implementation of human resource policies and practices.

BU 5165 Training and Development - 3 graduate credits
This course provides the application of learning theories and instructional development to the education and training of employees. Topics include instructional design, strategy, technology and the implementation, evaluation and management of training in an organizational environment.

BU 5180 Exploring Personal and Organizational Health - 3 graduate credits
Exploration of the evolving and emerging paradigms of holistic health and healing, and how the personal and organizational realms interconnect. In addition to examining the traditional wellness models, discussions will include concepts of mind, transpersonal psychology and energetics. Through an examination of personal and organizational contexts, students will explore ways to transform personal and work environments through mindfulness towards good intention, open mind and compassionate heart.

BU 5190 Accounting for Managers - 3 graduate credits
Budgetary accounting and cost accounting including profit planning and control systems, budget process, cost systems, and their managerial applications. Prerequisite: Common Professional Component (CPC) competency in Accounting.

BU 5191 International Accounting & Financial Reporting - 3 graduate credits
This course aims to introduce students to international differences in financial accounting and financial reporting. It helps students to understand the basic elements of financial accounting and its utility in the decision making process. The output of accounting is represented by financial statements, prepared by companies from all over the world for their users: investors, creditors, general public, and so on. From this perspective, this course makes a comparison between International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP). Integrated reporting (IR), which is considered to be the future of business reporting, is also discussed in this course.

BU 5192 Advanced Financial Accounting - 3 graduate credits
This course examines issues related to specialized topics including partnerships, consolidations and business combinations, foreign subsidiaries, international standards, governmental and not-for-profit organizations.

BU 5210 Economic Analysis - 3 graduate credits
Today's business climate demands managers who can make decisions involving the best use of an organization's scarce resources under conditions that change rapidly. This course demonstrates the power of problem-solving insights and uses a cross-functional approach. Topics to be covered include strategic pricing using game theory, forecasting techniques and demand estimation, cost analysis, linear programming and optimization under various market structures. Prerequisites: Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Economics and Quantitative/Statistics.

BU 5220 The Legal Environment of Business - 3 graduate credits
A basic understanding of legal problems is expanded, analytical ability is developed, and an awareness of the presence of legal problems that surround the businessperson is explored. Freedom of choice, taxation, stockholder status, acquisitions and divisions, antitrust, employment, administrative law, and bankruptcy are covered as time allows. Prerequisite: Common Professional Component (CPC) competency in Legal Environment.

BU 5221 Legal Environment of International Business - 3 graduate credits
In this course, we will explore the law and legal issues relating to the global business environment to acquire an appreciation of the scope, extent, and importance of the law. The course is structured to provide you with a basic knowledge of the fundamental concepts, principles, and rules of law in various areas. The course is also designed to assist you in recognizing potential legal problems in the business environment and in developing analytical skills and reasoning power.

BU 5225 Current Issues in Employment Law - 3 graduate credits
A study of legal issues which affect employers and employees in the modern American workplace, including: wage/hour regulation, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, workers' compensation, disabled employee protection, covenants not to compete, whistleblowers' protection and union representation.

BU 5226 Business Law for Accountants - 3 graduate credits
Coverage of applicable areas of the Uniform Commercial Code law and business law topics as it relates to exam content for the CPA exam, including product liability, contract law, agency law, and extensive review of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Also involves an analytical study of the concepts embraced in the law of partnerships, corporations and other business organizations.

BU 5227 Accounting Information Systems - 3 graduate credits
This course centers on how organizations collect, record, process, and store accounting information and data. Topics include information systems concepts, transaction cycles and processing, flowcharting, data flow diagramming, XBRL, e-business and ERP systems, computer fraud and IT security, internal controls, auditing with AIS, and ethics.

BU 5228 Accounting Research and Communication - 3 graduate credits
This course is an exercise in the written and verbal communications skills required in the accounting profession. Included in the course are the preparation of engagement letters, tax planning correspondence, complex topic analysis and communication of the accountant's recommendation. Case studies will be used as the basis for presenting the fact pattern with guidelines on expected outcomes.

BU 5229 Professional Ethics for Accountants - 3 graduate credits
This course helps develop the foundation for ethical reasoning, integrity, objectivity, independence and other core values as defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

BU 5230 Management of Organizational Changes - 3 graduate credits
A study of the nature and scope of organizational change and development, from the perspective of the practicing manager. Consideration is given to the need for and role of consultants in this process, be they internal or external to the organization. Procedures to be discussed include survey research, job enrichment, management by objectives, team building, and program evaluation. The case method will be used. Emphasis is on the role of the practicing manager in the control and facilitation of organizational change.

BU 5240 Seminar in Organizational Communication - 3 graduate credits
An in-depth study of the variables affecting the transmission of internal and external organizational communication. While focusing on audience analysis, message transmission and business/media relations, critical skills such as listening, speaking, writing analysis and an understanding of non-verbal, visual and mass communication will be developed. Practical topics will include: organizational systems, conference organization, metacommunications, public relations, improved listening skills and presentational speaking. Prerequisites: Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Management and Marketing.

BU 5360 Social Media Marketing - 3 graduate credits
Social media is not a fad. The Internet has forever changed the way humans communicate. Web-based social media outlets are woven into the fabric of our lives; directly and indirectly. For businesses, social media presents strategic opportunities and challenges related to product offerings, promotion, pricing strategies, delivery of products or service, as well as presentation of brand. Through this course students will: (1) Gain a strong understanding of the current face look of social media; (2) Develop the ability to stay up-to-date as social media evolves; and (3) Learn how businesses can successfully leverage social media techniques to achieve strategic objectives. Prerequisite: Common Professional Component (CPC) competency in Marketing.

BU 5370 Strategic Communication & Crisis Management - 3 graduate credits
An understanding of issues management, media relations, and crisis planning are crucial to an organization's survival in today's volatile environments. This course examines the tactical communication skills necessary to strategically plan for these topics. From common readings, individual cases, lectures, videos, guest speakers, and student presentations, an understanding of current corporate communication functions relating to these issues will be examined. The culmination of this course will be the development of a Crisis Communication Plan for each student's profit or non-profit organization.

BU 5380 International Business Analysis - 3 graduate credits
This course applies economic theory and methods to business decision making in an international business context. The course is designed for business students and offers them the opportunity to develop an understanding of many concepts from economics that affect daily the challenging international business environment. Content is based on economic theory with examples chosen to develop the skills of the students in solving problems of an international business.

BU 5400 Survey of Issues in Health Care Administration - 3 graduate credits
This course serves as the introduction to the graduate Health Care Certificate program. In this course students will be able to recognize and discuss the basic components of the United States health care system by learning various aspects of the industry, global alternatives and how a multitude of internal and external factors impact and shape our delivery system. Topics will be supported by information in text books, articles and web sites. Students will use this material in preparation for written essays, presentations and classroom discussions.

BU 5410 Human Resources in Health Care Administration - 3 graduate credits
This course will address managing organizational behavior issues and techniques with a specific focus on Human Resource management issues unique to the health care industry. Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Business Ethics, Business Policies, and Management.

BU 5420 Health Care Law and Ethics - 3 graduate credits
This course is specifically designed for graduate students enrolled in the Health Care Administration Certificate Program and/or an MBA with a health administration specialty. This course will focus on: The principles and theories of law as it relates to health care delivery; health care management and administration; examination of the applications of laws in relation to health care liability prevention and risks facing administrators, managers and practitioners. Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Business Ethics and Legal Environment.

BU 5430 Health Care Administration and Financial Management - 3 graduate credits
This course presents an in-depth review of the financial management of health care organizations. This includes but is not limited to: budget formulation process specific to health care delivery systems, funding sources and payment methodology, managing working capital and capital budgeting, the unique characteristics of non-profit organizations, and financial analysis of such organizations. Students will also do case study analysis in the previously mentioned topics. Prerequisites: BU 5190 and Common Professional Component (CPC) competency in Business Finance.

BU 5440 Information Technology in Health Care - 3 graduate credits
This course takes a comprehensive look at a broad range of technologies used throughout the health care industries and continuum of care. This includes and not limited to, Medical Informatics, Administrative Applications, Medical Office Automation, Telemedicine and Electronic Medical Record. The course will also cover technology in Surgery and informational resources access and use.

BU 5450 Comparative Health Systems - 3 graduate credits
This course is an online elective course designed for those that are interested in healthcare systems around the world. This course is designed to encourage further understanding of healthcare policy in the United States as compared to other countries. How does each deal with the provision of healthcare? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? This course will require critical thinking and writing skills.

BU 5460 Graduate Money and Banking - 3 graduate credits
Designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the roles of commercial and central banking in the US economy. Topics of special interest include monetary policy, including interaction effects with fiscal policy; analysis of the role of monetary factors in our recent inflation-proof economy; and the significance to the domestic economy of international financial developments, particularly the role of the "Eurodollar." Of special interest is the recent inability of the banking system to compete effectively for funds with other financial intermediaries (especially money market mutual funds). Prerequisite: Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Economics and Quantitative/Statistics.

BU 5470 Issues in Career Management - 3 graduate credits
This course is designed to meet the needs of graduate students from all degree programs. It will explore a variety of current issues and challenges related to career management from both the individual and organizational perspectives. The course will be structured around the latest fourth edition of the classic career management textbook by Greenhaus, Callanan, and Godshalk (2009). The course will blend theory and practice through extensive use of case studies to develop two sets of skills in students: (1) skills in personal career management, and (2) skills in developing and management the careers of subordinates in the workplace, in order to promote overall organizational success. The course will cover the latest trends in the business world as well as wider economic and global environmental influences on career decisions.

BU 5480 Leadership in Health Care - 3 graduate credits
Health Care leadership is an introduction to the principles of management and leadership as the foundations for the administration of health care products and service delivery. The course covers the evolution of management principles and practices, and the bases for health care administration. Emphasis is on the management of global health care systems and the need for innovation and creativity in health care administration. The focus is placed on mastering graduate-level critical thinking, writing and ethical decision making skills.

BU 5490 Capstone: Health Care Topics - 3 graduate credits
This course will be a seminar style presentation of current health care topics. This will be an integrative course which incorporates all previous coursework into a cohesive body of knowledge. The topics will include but will not be limited to: health care policy, quality initiatives, marketing in health care, current issues within Medicare and Medicaid, strategic decision making and public health. Prerequisites: BU 5410 and BU 5430.

BU 5500 Small Business Problems and Strategy: SBI Part I - 3 graduate credits
Student teams examine, research and present case findings and recommendations orally and in writing. Constant attention is given to those problems unique to small businesses. Students will go out into the field with the instructor as a team. Students will act as business consultants to a business in the area under the Small Business Institute Program at Plymouth State University. Prerequisites: BU 5120 and BU 5210.

BU 5501 Small Business Analysis: SBI Part II - 3 graduate credits
Required for a six-credit Small Business Institute project which includes primary and secondary research, complex financial analysis and a comprehensive plan including specific recommendations for improvements in business operations. Final report preparation of findings and recommendations to the small business client are requirements of this course. Prerequisite: BU 5500.

BU 5510 Operations Management - 3 graduate credits
Examination of the nature and structure of decision-making in the midst of uncertainty. Formal techniques for measurement of risks and rewards are applied to case studies based chiefly on production systems. Concludes with a survey of current techniques for operations analysis, planning and control. Prerequisites: Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Management and Quantitative/Statistics.

BU 5520 Negotiating, Collaborating and Leading in Today's World - 3 graduate credits
This course examines the dynamics, constraints, and skills needed in negotiation, collaboration, and leadership. It focuses equally on using negotiation in business planning and in dispute resolution. Theories of negotiation are examined through current literature and specific techniques are taught through simulated exercises. The course is drawn from the fields of business, law, psychology, administration, and communication. Also offered as AD 5520.

BU 5530 Multinational Marketing - 3 graduate credits
Post W.W.II, the trend toward freer trade and accelerating technological change, has been altering the world's economic landscape via the process of globalization. The recent drift toward regionalism (e.g., unifying European and North American markets), the collapse and subsequent restructuring of many of the world's national economies such as in the Soviet and Eastern European economies, have served as massive economic experiments. Global recession and recovery have been studies to glean what has worked and what has failed in each of these examples yielding critical information for future marketing strategies. This course is designed to introduce some of the key issues of these international events that can be incorporated into multinational marketing. This class will focus on issues involved in marketing products and services across national boundaries. Culture, economic arrangements, technical standards, currency movements, language, religion, ideology, politics, distance and conflicting interpretations of national and global interests combine to complicate the administration of marketing's familiar 4-Ps cross-nationally. This course uses a combination of lectures, global marketing cases, discussion, and mini projects to examine specific issues currently involved in multinational marketing strategies. Prerequisite: BU 5700.

BU 5550 Investment Management - 3 graduate credits
Combines modern financial theory with the real world of finance. The objective is to provide concepts and tools for practical investment analysis and portfolio management. Topics include: security markets, tax environment, risk, fixed-income securities, common stock valuation, fundamental and technical analysis, concentrations, mutual funds, commodity and financial futures, portfolio theory. Emphasis is on successful strategies. Written case analysis. Subscription to Wall Street Journal required.

BU 5580 Real Estate Entrepreneurship - 3 graduate credits
Various methods of entry into this industry are examined. The roles and methods of brokers, developers, investors, financiers, appraisers and managers are analyzed using financial models, economics and law. The goal of the course is to gain a working knowledge that may be applied by the individual or by an organization.

BU 5590 Budgeting and Fund Accounting - 3 graduate credits
The basics of fund accounting and modified accrual basis are explored by looking at the different fund purposes, typical transactions, and examples of government reporting and disclosure. This course covers the core concepts, principles, and financial reporting for government and not-for-profit accounting, which varies significantly from financial accounting used in public and private financial reporting. Prerequisite: BU 5190.

BU 5600 Federal Taxes and Business Decisions - 3 graduate credits
Tax laws and their effect on management planning and decision-making, as well as on personal financial transactions are of interest to managers and accountants. Representative topics include: tax aspects of selecting a business form; tax factors in acquiring, using and disposing of land, buildings, equipment; capital gains and losses; nontaxable transactions; individual income tax; family tax planning; common tax traps. Prerequisite: BU 5190.

BU 5610 Contemporary Accounting and the Business Environment - 3 graduate credits
A study of contemporary accounting issues as they influence the business manager and the public. The interaction of accounting and the total business environment is discussed. Some areas which may be covered include: segment reporting, social responsibility accounting, the SEC today, current value accounting, the impact of governmental regulations on various industries, management advisory services by accounting firms, current cost issues in our society. Written research reports and oral reports are required from all students.

BU 5620 Auditing Perspectives - 3 graduate credits
Theory and procedures underlying auditors' responsibilities in examining and reporting on financial statements of a business enterprise are discussed including professional ethics, auditing standards, reports, internal control and the selection, scope and application of auditing procedures. Prerequisite: BU 5190.

BU 5630 Policy Topics - 3 graduate credits
An in-depth study of a particular topic, contemporary issue, or concern will be the focus of this course and will be taught by a specialist within the field being studied. Since topics vary, the course may be repeated with different topics.

BU 5680 Applications in Marketing Research - 3 graduate credits
A study of "decisional research" in business and its importance to management. As an integral part of learning the marketing research process, graduate students will be involved in actual, in-the-field marketing research process, from problem identification through final presentation of findings and recommendations.

BU 5690 Customer Relationship Marketing - 3 graduate credits
This course lays out a broad rethinking of customer relationship management. The focus is on the mindset and skillset required to earn and grow relationships with customers and build customer centric organizations. Examined are changes in attitudes, values, and behaviors of customers who expect their voices to be heard. Marketers are learning to listen and to design customer experiences that deliver high levels of both customer values and company value. Value is measured in terms of repeat business, customer loyalty, return on investment in marketing, and hard-to-duplicate competitive advantage. Prerequisite: BU 5700.

BU 5700 Marketing Techniques - 3 graduate credits
The objective of this course is to help students develop a broad understanding of marketing techniques, strategies and tactics employed by the marketing manager. This course will cover the use of the 'marketing mix' elements as they pertain to the planning and implementation of the marketing plan. Prerequisites: Common Professional Component (CPC) competencies in Management and Marketing.

BU 5720 Seminar in Executive Management - 3 graduate credits
From a decision-makers point of view, students will participate in a seminar involving middle and upper-level managerial responsibilities, as well as discussions concerning 'state-of-the-art' methodologies appropriate to all levels of management. Case studies and group projects will be combined with informal lectures and discussions involving such areas as strategic planning, action planning techniques, policy-making, managerial ethics, decision-making methods, control systems and the integration of all resources for optimum performance. Prerequisites: BU 5190, BU 5120, BU 5210 and Common Professional Component (CPC) competency in Economics.

BU 5730 Current Issues in Marketing - 3 graduate credits
Designed to explore the contemporary issues and challenges impacting the future of marketing management. Developments in technology, communications, demographics, consumerism, packaging, marketing information systems and non-product marketing, are some of the variables to be examined in terms of their current and future influence on the functions of the marketing manager.

BU 5750 Master's Research Project - 6 graduate credits
MBA candidates may elect to do some investigation relating to an applied or theoretical problem in their area of interest. Normally it is expected that the enrollment for this course will cover two terms. One copy of the final report will be provided to each advisor and the original copy will be submitted to the department chair. There will be an oral presentation of the Masters Research Project results to the professor and readers prior to April 1 of the year of graduation. Requirements are expected to be completed by May 1 in the year of graduation. Prerequisites: BU 5120 and BU 5210.

BU 5770 International Business - 3 graduate credits
It is a small world, and getting smaller fast. An understanding of the complex managerial dimensions of world trade and international business is now an expected part of an MBA?s intellectual inventory. This International Business course provides an opportunity to develop the understanding through readings, and through case studies. An individual term project will give students an opportunity to bring global thinking to bear on current issues in a company, country, or region.

BU 5810 Seminar in Corporate Public Relations - 3 graduate credits
This course combines the theoretical knowledge and applied skills needed for effective organizational public relations. Emphasis is on communication strategies for both profit and non-profit organizations. Additional emphasis is placed on writing skills, understanding media channels, and developing a major media project for your organization by utilizing the public relations theory and practices studied in this course. Specific topics include an understanding of models of communication; corporate communication decision making; methods of persuasion; targeting publics; communication channels; effective writing; mass media; and business-media relations. Specific objectives include emphasizing the importance of effective writing skills in public relations; understanding the function of public relations in organizations; public relations practices; and providing students with an opportunity to develop public relations strategies and produce supporting promotional materials for their own organization.

BU 5820 Women As Leaders - 3 graduate credits
This course challenges women to consider the cultures, climates and contexts that limit and support their capacities as leaders. Students will explore personal leadership styles, characteristics of effective leaders, and strategies for developing themselves as leaders.

BU 5850 New Ventures & Entrepreneurship - 3 graduate credits
This course focuses on business start-ups, providing an intensive introduction to business planning from the defining of a primary vision through market size assessment and strategic operations planning, to the financing, staffing and implementation of the new venture. Course includes readings on entrepreneurship, case studies of both small and large examples of successful new ventures and student fieldwork. Software available to help business planning will be introduced for hands-on use. Students will each prepare a formal business plan for new ventures. Prerequisites: BU 5120 and BU 5210.

BU 5910 Independent Study - 1-3 graduate credits
Enrichment of the background of students in business through the pursuit of a special topic pertinent to their interests and abilities is offered through independent study opportunities. This is an opportunity for an in-depth study of a problem in the business field. Consent of a faculty supervisor, department chair, coordinator and Associate Vice President is required.

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