Economics Courses

EC 5460 Graduate Money and Banking - 3 graduate credits
Designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the roles of commercial and central banking in the U.S. economy. Topics of special interest include: (1) monetary policy, including interaction effects with fiscal policy; (2) analysis of the role of monetary factors in our recent inflation-proof economy; and (3) the significance to the domestic economy of international financial developments, particularly the role of the "Eurodollar." Of special interest is the recent inability of the banking system to compete effectively for funds with other financial intermediaries (especially money market mutual funds). Prerequisite: Macroeconomics competency or permission of the instructor.

EC 5610 Economic Issues in International Finance - 3 graduate credits
The study of international finance (international monetary relations) covers financial policies, international loans, balance of payments accounting, exchange rates, reserve and payments currencies, and international liquidity. Of particular interest is the impact of the U.S. economy of international financial developments. Balance of payments adjustment under fixed and flexible exchange rates and under the gold standard will be considered in detail. Prerequisite: Macroeconomics and Microeconomics competencies or permission of the instructor.

EC 5615 Global Economics - 3 graduate credits
The national economies today are all deeply embedded in an interactive global network with profound implications for both economic theory and economic policy. In this course, students will engage in theoretical as well as empirical studies of international economic relationships.

EC 5910 Independent Study in Economics - 1-3 graduate credits
Enrichment of the background of students in business through the pursuit of a special topic pertinent to their interests and abilities. A chance for an in-depth study of a problem in the field of business. Consent of a faculty supervisor, department chair, Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Business and the Associate Vice President is required.

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