Health Promotion Courses

HP 5010 Introduction to Health Education and Health Promotion - 3 graduate credits
Provides health educators with the opportunity to interpret concepts, purposes, philosophies and theories of health education and wellness. Students will investigate physical, social, emotional and intellectual factors influencing health behavior. Offered Winters.

HP 5020 Designing and Implementing Health Promotion Programs - 3 graduate credits
Provides students with the information and resources that will enable them to develop skills in program planning for health promotion. Needs assessment, goal and objective formulation, instructional methods and materials, program implementation, and evaluation will be included. Prerequisite: HP 5010.

HP 5030 Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs - 3 graduate credits
Gives students the tools and skills they need to design and conduct health program valuations. Evaluation purposes, levels, methods, designs, and measurement issues will be covered. Summer of odd years. Prerequisite: HP 5020 and ED 5030. Offered Summers.

HP 5070 Community Health Promotion - 3 graduate credits
The focus of this course will be to review basic program planning skills, implementation, and evaluation of community and worksite health promotion programs. The class will plan, implement and evaluate a health promotion program, i.e. wellness fair, or workshop. Students will learn grant writing skills, pamphlet/newsletter development and will be introduced to the field of wellness/health coaching and facilitator trainings i.e. smoking cessation. Offered Fall of odd years.

HP 5090 Mind Body Techniques for Stress and Health - 3 graduate credits
The focus of this course will be to introduce the student to mind-body techniques for stress management and health issues. Some of the techniques will include yoga, breathing, meditation, progressive relaxation, imagery, and massage as well as an introduction to the field of integrative medicine. Some of the therapies discussed will include energy medicine, aromatherapy, and acupuncture. Will be accepted as one credit in stress management. Offered Winters.

HP 5110 Wellness Concepts for Educator - 2 graduate credits
An introduction to the teaching of health education in our school systems. Organization of curriculum including content and methodology will be stressed. Offered Fall and Spring.

HP 5200 Nutrition - 1 graduate credits
A nutritional education course with a special focus on the issues relevant to students of physical education and health education. A survey of concepts in nutrition science will be applied to the support of general wellness and active lifestyles. Offer Spring Term of even years.

HP 5210 Fitness Principles - 1 graduate credits
The fitness component is designed to provide the student the opportunity to experience, research, and develop a variety of fitness activities for use in his/her future career as a health educator. The elements of physical fitness and total body wellness will be discussed and applied in diverse ways. Each student will develop and compile fitness methods appropriate for a variety of populations and settings. Offered Spring Term of even years.

HP 5220 Disease and the Environment - 1 graduate credits
This course will discuss common diseases and disorders and the WEB of causation and Wellness models related to disease and the environment. Diseases discussed will include chronic diseases, communicable diseases, as well as some mental health diseases. Offered Spring Term of odd years.

HP 5230 Substance Abuse - 1 graduate credits
This course is designed to provide students with an overview of contemporary drug use and abuse. Course content includes the determinants of drug abuse psychological, physiological, societal and pharmacological aspects of drugs, prevention and treatment of drug addiction, as well as information about specific drugs. Offered Spring of even years.

HP 5240 First Aid and CPR - 1 graduate credits
First Aid and CPR is designed to certify individuals in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic first aid. Includes breathing and cardiac emergencies for adults, children and infants, and advanced airway management skills. Students will have the opportunity to be certified in First Aid and CPR at the end of the course. Offered Winters.

HP 5250 Consumer Health - 1 graduate credits
The focus of this course is to identify content, resources, materials, and instructional strategies for providing consumer education to various populations. Students will discuss key issues including legal and ethical considerations, curriculum development and resources for the school and community setting. The relationship of consumerism and health will be the underlying theme of this professional preparation course. This is an online course and is offered each term.

HP 5260 Mental Health and Sexuality - 2 graduate credits
This course is designed to provide students with information relevant to contemporary mental health issues and human sexuality issues. Students will be able to identify resource, personnel, and agencies pertinent to these issues. Current theories of behavioral change will be examined. Offered Spring Term of odd years.

HP 5560 Special Topics in Health Promotion - 1-4 graduate credits
This course will cover various topics in Health Promotion.

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