History Courses

HI 5040 American Beginnings 1600-1800 - 3 graduate credits
This course provides an in-depth exploration of early American history focusing on changes in settlement patterns, population, diversity politics, gender and race relations. It is intended to explore and analyze the meaning of the nation's past while focusing on the creation and consolidation of American nationality.

HI 5260 Historical Archaeology - 3 graduate credits
Introduces students to the study of historical archaeology, explores various topics from earliest colonial settlement to artifacts of today, and exposes them to the different techniques and methods used. Field trips and some outdoor classes are part of the course. Concentrates on the New England region. Spring of even years.

HI 5300 New Hampshire and New England History - 3 graduate credits
Studying New Hampshire and New England history allows students to learn more about a particular region and to see how past events and movements at the local level interacted with or were influenced by various events and cultural changes on the national and international levels. Topics covered will create an awareness of the place of New Hampshire and New England in the various events that make up United States History.

HI 5330 New Hampshire and New England: Historic Sites - 4 graduate credits
This purpose of this course is twofold: to introduce students to a variety of locations and historic sites throughout New England; and to allow students to analyze the historical significance of each site and use the knowledge gained to produce papers and projects useful to the student's career while furthering their research and writing skills. Many historical sites are within easy travel distance and convey the nature of change since the earliest settlement in the region. This will allow students the opportunity to explore and interpret the layered historical landscape.

HI 5370 American Maritime History - 3 graduate credits
The development of the maritime aspect of American history from colonial times to present. Examines the growth of merchant-shipping, naval developments and the related economic and political outcomes dealing with maritime history. Students will be exposed to the application of maritime history for educational use in the elementary and secondary grades.

HI 5800 Topics in History Seminar - 3 graduate credits
Specialized topics chosen for graduate seminar by individual faculty. Unscheduled.

HI 5910 Independent Study - 1-3 graduate credits
Provides students with the opportunity to round out their background in the social sciences through reading and research, supplementing previous course work in the field. A research paper, periodic conferences and an oral examination may be required. Consent of a faculty supervisor, department chair and the Associate Vice President is required.

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