Teacher Leadership Certificate

Students may choose to take four courses to earn a graduate certificate in teacher leadership on its own or may take the courses as part of the MEd in Educational Leadership with a concentration in teacher leadership.

  • Required Courses – 12 credits
  • 3
    A course for teaching/administrative practitioners in which a local educational problem is examined from the standpoint of how it can best be studied and solved. A blueprint for solving the problem is prepared including: statement and purpose, scope, assumptions/hypotheses, limitations and essential definitions. Course culmination will include collection of data, analysis of that data, conclusions and recommendation preparation that follow appropriate form and style.
  • 3
    Dynamic Teacher Leadership is a course designed for the master/experienced classroom teacher/specialist who is passionate about making a difference in education and aspires to take or is currently involved in a leadership role in his/her school and district. Current best practices will be examined, along with emerging standards in the area of teacher leadership. The various ways in which an educator can apply leadership skills, without being an administrator in a school, will be explored.
  • 3
    Becoming a teacher leader includes understanding and responding to all stakeholders involved in education. Stakeholders include not only those directly involved in education such as student and parents, but also the extended community.
  • 3
    It is the responsibility of all educators to participate in ongoing professional development. It is through this high level of professional engagement that educators gain the knowledge they need to be successful in the classroom. This course examines alternative ways of providing individualized, sustained professional development opportunities within their work environment. Participants will review levels of advocacy and how they might become educational advocates within their organizations.
  • Total for Teacher Leadership Certificate – 12 credits

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