Reading and Writing Summer Intensive Schedule

Note: Students interested in pursuing the summer-intensive schedule should consult an advisor for more information. The schedule below outlines the order of courses that students would take in each summer block, beginning with Summer I which are the courses one would take in their first summer in the program.

Summer I RL 5110 Research in Reading and Writing 3
Summer I RL 5770 Developing Language and Literacy for Diverse Learners 3
Summer I RL 5170 Content Area Literacy 3
Fall, Winter, Spring ED 5000 Social Behavior in a Diverse Society * 3
Fall, Winter, Spring ED 5010 Philosophy, Ethics, and Education * 3
Fall, Winter, Spring ED 5060 Theories of Learning and Cognitive Development* 3
Summer II RL 5014 Reading, Writing, and Literature 3
Summer II RL 5710 Adv. Diagnostic Testing and the Improvement of Reading and Writing 3
Fall, Winter, Spring CE 5120 Integration of Digital Technology into the Common Core Standards * OR CE 5150 Inspiring Digital Media Fluency in the K-12 Classroom* 3
Fall, Winter, Spring LL 5004 Language and Linguistics ** 3
Summer III RL 5820 Literacy Practicum 3
Summer III RL 5830 Practicum in Reading Diagnosis 3

* Online courses

** Approved substitutions: LL 5005 Foundations of TESOL Methodology, LL 5007 ESOL Literacy, NHEON LT-05, or LT-06, or LT-07, or LL 5050 Mainestream Classroom Strategies.

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