Faculty Profile Information

According to a National Association for Graduate Admissions Professionals survey, prospective graduate students heavily rely on faculty information, including biographies and associated research projects, when making a decision on whether or not to attend a graduate school. Please complete the faculty profile form below and forward a photo of yourself for inclusion on the College of Graduate Studies website.

  • An overview of your information and/or credentials (Please speak in the third person)
  • Please list degree type (BA, MA, etc) and institution. Please note the date that you attained your terminal degree.
  • List your research interests here.
  • List scholarly publications, writings or submissions, conference presentations here.
  • List awards and distinctions here.
  • List associations, boards, and committees here.
  • List courses you teach in the format: Course Number and Course Title (i.e., ED 5270 Foundations of Teaching)
  • We encourage you to upload a photo of yourself for use in your bio (JPEG or TIFF formats only).

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